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Explore Progreso’s La Ría, one of Yucatán’s most underrated attractions

La Ría Progreso is run by a small community cooperative that offers a variety of recreational and educational activities at very reasonable prices.

Villagers are restoring Yucatán’s mangrove forests, one seedling at a time

While world leaders met and discussed the climate crisis at a United Nations conference in Scotland, one front in the battle to save the...

Tabasco’s hidden mangrove forest is ‘trapped in time’

Researchers in Yucatán have found a “lost world” of a mangrove ecosystem 124 miles from the nearest ocean, where they would normally exist. It...

Yucatán has lost over half of its jungle

Aside from Mérida, the worst affected municipalities include Tizimín, Tecax, and Tzucacab, all of which are known for ranching and agriculture.

55 years ago an aircraft mysteriously crashed in Yucatán. Now a...

It is uncertain if the adventurers will be able to make it to the crash site, but claim that the expedition is as much about the journey as the destination.

Endangered mangroves are nature’s shield from hurricanes

The destruction of coastal dune thickets and mangroves eases the way for hurricanes to penetrate coastal areas, an environmental researcher asserts.
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