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Mérida hosts 2022 marathon despite COVID-19 fears

Mérida hosted its official marathon Sunday as part of celebrations to commemorate the 480th anniversary of the city’s foundation. 

Runners in Mérida take to the streets for December’s traditional Turkey...

The 21-kilometer race called “La Carrera del Pavo” — or Turkey Run, began at 6 Sunday morning from El Parque de Las Américas in García Ginerés, but the party-like atmosphere was already raging by 5.  

The German Forrest Gump makes his way to Yucatán

The man dubbed the German Forrest Gump ran his way into Mérida yesterday.

A live, in-person Merida Marathon is on the January calendar

The 32nd edition of the Merida Marathon will be tentatively held on Jan. 9, 2021, announced city organizers who hope that coronavirus contingencies will...

Record number of runners at Merida Marathon 2020

The 2020 Merida Marathon kicked off this morning with fireworks, sirens and a record number of participants. The 6 a.m. starting shot rang out...

Marathon Mérida races by, emphasizing city’s history and architecture

Over 3,500 runners wound their way through the Centro in this morning's Marathon Mérida. 

5,000 runners predicted in 2018’s Marathon Mérida

City officials expressed optimism over the upcoming edition of Marathon Mérida, projecting 5,000 runners competing.
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