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‘Black Panther’ sequel star and family attend premiere in traditional Yucatecan...

“It's very important to me to honor my Mayan roots and great to see its representation in a movie like this,” said Maychi, who is from of Hopelchén, Campeche.

Choo Ba’ak, Campeche’s Day of the Dead bone-cleaning tradition

To the eyes of outsiders traditional bone cleaning may seem strange or even macabre, but for the people of Pomuch, it is a way to reconnect with their dearly departed and celebrate their ancient ancestry.

The Mystery of Mérida’s Ciudad Maya

Until the early 1980s, the Mayan-themed restaurant and nightclub Ciudad Maya was one of the hottest spots in Mérida.

Meet the actors of Mayan origin who will appear in new...

The cast of the upcoming Black Panther sequel was announced earlier this week during a panel at San Diego’s Comic-con. The cast includes two actors...

Armed with technology, Mayan language teachers reach new generations

Mayan language teachers at Yucatan’s Indemaya say they are seeing a considerable uptick in young people wanting to learn this Pre-hispanic language. 

New petition seeks intangible cultural heritage status for Mayan language

“The importance of the language can be observed from the perspective of its psycho-emotional value or potential", says Cocom Bolio. “Language also creates a sense of identity and belonging; and, at the same time, a tradition or way of life.”