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Mayan Rap Forever: Pat Boy Takes On the World

Pat Boy is a Mayan rapper from the tiny town of José María Pino Suárez — population 200. But after a decade of hard...

Students adopt Yucatecan traditional dress as their uniform

A group of students and teachers at Mérida’s teacher's college have chosen the traditional huipil and guaybera as their official uniform.

Mayan proposed to join Spanish as an official language in Yucatán

An initiative presented this week in Yucatán's Congress seeks official recognition of the Mayan language in the state.  Advocates of the move argue that such...

Armed with technology, Mayan language teachers reach new generations

Mayan language teachers at Yucatan’s Indemaya say they are seeing a considerable uptick in young people wanting to learn this Pre-hispanic language. 

Tulum hotel forbids employees to speak Mayan amongst themselves

Employees at the Copal hotel in Tulum say that they have been told to not speak Mayan among themselves while working. 

New petition seeks intangible cultural heritage status for Mayan language

“The importance of the language can be observed from the perspective of its psycho-emotional value or potential", says Cocom Bolio. “Language also creates a sense of identity and belonging; and, at the same time, a tradition or way of life.”
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