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Merida English Library pleads for the return of 210 overdue books

The Merida English Library is coping with the loss of 210 books that were never returned in the last two and-a-half years.

Celebrate Canada Day with poutine at the Mérida English Library

To celebrate Canada Day, the Mérida English Library will be serving up hot poutine on Friday morning from 10 to 12.  Poutine is a dish...

MEL lecture series returns with ‘Ancient Maya Cuisine’

The organizers of the MEL Lecture Series are reviving the program, and here are the topics scheduled each Wednesday for the first few weeks: Nov....

Wine tasting and street-food tapas tempt us at MEL

Raise a glass to the Merida English Library for surviving lockdown. Its gradual reopening is afoot and Thursday's MEL Wine Tasting is evidence of just that.

Merida English Library asks for donations to continue operating

The Merida English Library, a prominent gathering place for foreign-born residents since the 1990s, is urgently raising funds to continue operations. "As COVID-19 continues...

Merida English Library shuts down so renovations can conclude

Return those borrowed books as soon as possible, because the Merida English Library is closing Saturday, June 1. They won't open again until the...

MEL expansion: INAH permit is approved and the pot is growing

The INAH permit is in hand and fundraising efforts have paid off at the Merida English Library

New administrator chosen to run Merida English Library

Adriana Medina "brings experience and great energy to the library."

Trips, spa day, classes on the table at MEL Silent Auction

Eager to get to Phase 2 of its expansion, the Merida English Library‘s most important fundraiser of the year is coming up next week.

Departure leaves a job opening at the Merida English Library

The Merida English Library is looking for a new administrator to replace Susanna McKibben, who is leaving in mid-February after more than four years.

Weekly house and garden tours need homes, coordinator

As the Merida English Library prepares for another season of House and Garden Tours this fall, organizers are looking for homes to feature, and a coordinator to make it all happen.

Merida English Library closed as expansion project begins

After months of fundraising, the Merida English Library is ready to begin its expansion. Members will have to adjust.

MEL trip: See Mexico with Joanna and Jorge Rosado

Joanna and Jorge Rosado, long-time Mérida English Library members and experienced tour guides, are collaborating with the Mérida English Library to offer two enticing tours in early 2019.

‘Tapas feast’ fundraiser raises 300,000 pesos for library expansion

A silent auction and "Tapas Feast" raised 300,000 pesos for the Mérida English Library's expansion plans.

With architects chosen, Merida English Library expansion moves forward

The Mérida English Library, a long-standing expat hangout in the heart of the "gringo gulch," has announced an architect for its long-awaited expansion.

How to help prepare a future English teacher

UADY has approached the Mérida English Library for help in providing a cultural and language experience for approximately 30 students.

Mérida English Library starts eco-friendly practices

Less waste, less driving, more solar power. A "Green Team" at the library is making the expat hangout a more environmentally sensitive space.

“Love Letters” unsealed at the Mérida English Library

Under the tropical sky of the Mérida English Library garden, a well-loved play was performed off-off-off-very-off Broadway. But "Love Letters" transformed the Mérida stage, into another world.

Open casting call for ‘Comedy Cabaret’

All ages and types welcome to audition for the many different parts available for the Mérida English Library’s upcoming performance.

Grant Spradling is preparing next book, with beach as his muse

The increasing impact of novelists, poets and memoirists on the Mérida social scene has made author Grant Spradling happy he reconsidered moving away a decade ago.

MEL to help UADY students’ English skills

UADY students preparing to become English teachers will pair with members of the Mérida English Library under a joint program announced in MEL's newsletter.