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Mérida Fest 2024

Mérida Fest 2024 runs from Jan. 5 to 24, including 19 projects from different artistic and cultural groups.

Merida Fest enters final week, on track to boast 100,000 visitors

In its first week alone, about 40,000 people enjoyed free music and theater events around the city.

Merida Fest kicks off, celebrating 477 years as a city

Hundreds of costumed troubadours serenaded the city to kick off Merida's 477th anniversary.

Merida Fest 2019 announced, Nuyorican salsa star Willie Colón among headliners

MeridaFest 2019 marks the 477th anniversary of the city with 140 events, 650 artists and 56 venues, with special guests from Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, China and Spain.

Knitters present monumental ‘honeycomb’ on behalf of bees

A collective of knitters exhibits their massive art project, and will discuss both the plight of the bees, and how yarn has intersected with activism.

Recipe for a food festival: Tortas, food trucks and celebrity chefs

Not limited to art and theater, Mérida Fest 2018 is a magnet for celebrity chefs.

Mérida Fest 2018 celebrates the city’s 476 years

Celebrating the city's 476th anniversary, an 18-day festival of more than 150 varied cultural activities begins Thursday, Jan. 4.

Roster for Mérida Fest 2018 still a work in progress

The FILUX international light festival returns in January for Mérida Fest 2018. 

Mérida turns 475 with entertainment galore

In a traditonal traditional "Alborada," 120 troubadours sang a traditional “Happy Birthday" to Mérida in its 475th Anniversary.

Mérida Fest 2017: Open call for artists, musicians

With a purse of 5 million pesos, 1 million more than last year, the City Council on Monday began an open call for musicians, film makers and visual artists to take part in Mérida Fest 2017.

Mérida Fest delivers art exhibits to public spaces

Mérida's past and present is celebrated in three photo exhibits that have been installed in public spaces.

24 days of Mérida Fest: Complete guide

An inaugural concert by Armando Manzanero and Francisco Céspedes will kick off Mérida Fest’s 165 free artistic, academic and entertainment events, says the director of Culture Department, Irving Berlin Villafaña.
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