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The Meaning Behind Diego Rivera Grand Murals in Mexico City’s Palacio...

Diego Rivera was a prominent 20th-century Mexican painter most famous for his large-scale murals, controversial political beliefs, as well as being the husband of Frida Kahlo. 

Flying to Felipe Angeles Airport? Some Travel Tips

Mexico City’s Felipe Angeles Airport is busier than ever. Here is what you need to know to navigate it.

Why Easter Week is the Best Time to Visit Mexico City

With Latin America’s busiest airport, Mexico City is also very easy to get to, especially from elsewhere in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. 

CDMX’s National Museum of Anthropology is Among the Best in the...

Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology houses some of the country's largest and most impressive exhibits in the entire country.

Mexico City for the Holidays: Spiritual Renewal, Street Food, and Shopping

Each holiday season in Mérida, I look for an escape before the deluge of tourists descend upon our fair city. As an innkeeper, I...

Mexico City’s Soumaya Museum Is in a League of its Own,...

Aside from the the variety and quality of the works on display, it is hard to not be impressed by the sheer size of the Soumaya Museum.

Mexico City’s Towering Monument to the Revolution is the World’s Largest...

The Monumento a la Revolución (Monument to the Revolution) is a towering landmark in Mexico City, standing as a tribute to the nation's transformative revolution of 1910. 

Jaguars, sacrifice, and power in the virtually unknown ancient city of...

The centuries have not been kind to Acaquilpan, yet its wonders shine through.

Mixcoac ⁠— bringing order to the cosmos through human sacrifice

In the middle of the concrete jungle that is Mexico City lay the remains of a ceremonial center dedicated to one of Mesoamerica's most unique deities, the mighty Mixcóatl. 

Tlatelolco: A story of violence, sacrifice, and the birth of modern...

Tlatelolco is fairly unique among archaeological sites in Mexico, as both its ancient and contemporary histories evoke intense feelings.

The sights, sounds, and flavors of vibrant Chinatown in CDMX

Mexico City’s Chinatown is crowded, frenzied, and chaotic — but in an oddly great sort of way.

Mexico’s government wants you to fly into its new airport, whether...

To remedy the situation, the federal government has issued a decree to immediately move all cargo and charter flights to the new airport — in what could only be described as an effort to save face.

Construction in Mexico City’s subway uncovers new archaeological finds

Recent construction work on Mexico City’s subway system has given way to the discovery of several ancient artifacts.

Mexico’s newest airport has no restaurants or even running water in...

Travelers have taken to social media to complain about the airport’s limited amenities, including a lack of food and bathrooms without running water. 

El Templo Mayor, the great Aztec palace in the heart of...

Remains of the high temple of the of Tenochtitlan are located in what today is the heart of one of the world's largest urban areas — Mexico City.

What you need to know before flying into Mexico City’s new...

The distance between the two airports is just over 27 miles, and on average, the trip is likely to take at least an hour and a half.

2021, a hectic year, in review

It has been one doozy of a year. From the ever-evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic to the decline and bouncing back of the tourism industry, to wacky news stories that for some reason or another caught traction in 2021.

New law to drive bullfighting out of Mexico City

A new animal rights bill presented to the legislative assembly of Mexico City is expected to make bullfighting a thing of the past.

Controversy over new Reforma sculpture: The head of an Olmec woman...

The new sculpture will be named Tlali, which means Earth in Nahuatl, and it will be created by sculptor Pedro Reyes. 

New idea could see Mexico City bars ‘card’ patrons for proof...

The measure which was first floated by bar owners is now receiving support from Mexico City’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

A weekend in Mexico City: Eat, drink and see sites

A weekend is all it takes for visitors to devour great food, see amazing art and architecture — and make their Instagram accounts a lot more interesting.

Screenings planned for ‘Roma,’ N.Y. Critics Circle’s ‘best film’

Alfonso Cuaron's memory-drenched drama "Roma" dominated the New York Film Critics Circle Awards on Thursday, winning best film, best director and best cinematography.

Oldest house in all Mexico restored by experts

MEXICO CITY — A plain, nondescript structure sat hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years behind street vendors and pedestrians. Now, experts have...

INAH uncovers graves dating back 2,700 years

Archaeologists in Mexico City have discovered 26 graves dating back 2,700 years.
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