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8 Cuban refugees are rescued by a fisherman off the Yucatán...

A group of eight migrants who found themselves in Río Lagartos are the latest of nearly two dozen Cuban refugees who reached Yucatán this...

Thousands of undocumented Russians attempt to cross the Mexico-US border as...

A new group of would-be migrants is attempting to cross the border by any means necessary — Russians.

Haitian migrants set up camp outside immigration offices in Chetumal

Approximately 100 Haitian migrants have set up camp outside the offices of Mexico's immigration authority in Chetumal. 

18 municipalities expect population growth of over 40% as a result...

According to an UN-Habitat study, it is estimated that by 2030, the population will grow 42.7% in 18 municipalities around the Yucatán Peninsula and Southeast.
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