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Mérida’s monument to the Montejo, an icon of history or bigotry?

Just over a decade ago, a statue of Francisco de Montejo, known as El Adelantado (the one that came first) and his son, Francisco de Montejo, el Mozo were erected on Mérida’s Remate, the starting point of Avenida Paseo de Montejo.

Monument to Maya heritage would replace Montejo statues at the Remate

A dignified monument honoring Yucatán' indigenous culture and inspired by pre-Hispanic Maya architecture has been proposed to replace a 2010 statue...

$1.25M-peso restoration due at Monumento a la Patria

Restoration work on the Monumento a la Patria could start as early as October if INAH approves a plan of action in time.

30 public monuments, fountains get a lift

Thirty public monuments and fountains around the city are being repaired and upgraded under a municipal program that also emphasizes energy efficiency.

Critics rip Mérida’s 5 ugliest monuments

Our historic center is filled with glorious architecture and monuments. But modern Mérida doesn't always get it right when installing public artwork, according to a local website.