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Yucatán’s most iconic breakfast is best enjoyed at its birthplace

Sure, you can get huevos motuleños just about anywhere in Yucatán, but enjoying them in Motul is a whole other experience.

Entire shopping center shut down after sick worker breaks quarantine

Motul, Yucatan — A bus terminal employee, disobeying quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, may have infected 30 family members, friends and customers, authorities...

Baca closes borders after neighboring city announces 3 coronavirus cases

After the three positive cases of coronavirus in Motul became known, neighboring Baca closed its borders, the city council announced Sunday. Coordinating with municipal police,...

3 coronavirus cases detected in Motul

Three new cases of COVID-19 were found in Motul, city officials announced this morning. The patients, all women, are between the ages of 20...

Police seize weapons and arrest 2 suspected drug traffickers in Motul

Motul, Yucatan — In a large counter-narcotics operation with heavily armed personnel, a private home was searched in the San Roque neighborhood. Two suspects...

LGBTQ museum planned in Motul, new mayor says

Motul has announced the creation of a gay-lesbian museum, something so unique in Mexico that it has made national news.

Unsolved mystery: Was Motul first to serve Huevos Motuleños?

As Motul gets ready for its Huevos Motuleños festival, a newspaper is dishing out a years-old debate that questions the city's claim on dish.

2018 Gastronomic Festival of the Huevo Motuleño

The 2018 Gastronomic Festival of the Huevo Motuleño will take place in Motul's civic plaza and around the city.

Birthplace of famous ‘Huevos Motuleños’ gets ready for fair

The 2018 Gastronomic Festival of the Huevo Motuleño will take place July 14-15 in the city's civic plaza. 

In its 2nd year, Huevos Motuleños fair draws huge crowds

In two years, a weekend festival celebrating this city's famed breakfast dish attracted tourists from as far away as Mexico City.

Festival honors Motul’s famed huevos motuleños

A city's gift to the culinary world is being celebrated again for the second edition of the Huevos Motuleños Fair.
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