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‘Black Panther’ sequel star and family attend premiere in traditional Yucatecan...

“It's very important to me to honor my Mayan roots and great to see its representation in a movie like this,” said Maychi, who is from of Hopelchén, Campeche.

Cinemex closes its cinemas in Gran Plaza, for good

Like in most parts of the world, Yucatán’s movie theaters continue to suffer low attendance rates as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Things have...

Great moments in Yucatán’s film history: The early years

Mérida may be far away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but Yucatán has its own storied history when it comes to film...

Calling subtitles more inclusive, Mexico bans dubbed movies in cinemas

A new law requires all foreign-language movies shown in Mexico to be subtitled in Spanish rather than dubbed.  This means that from now all on...

Yucatán’s nascent film industry is waiting for its closeup

Film production in Yucatán got its start in 1938 with the film "La Golondrina," which was about Alma Reed, an American journalist who fell in...

Praise and backlash for indigenous actress Yalitza Aparicio

As Oscar night approaches, the 'Roma' star is dressed by Yucatecan designer David Salomón.

Cinépolis plans to build movie complex in Centro Histórico

Cinépolis has purchased a three-story building in the historic center which they plan to remodel and bring "vitality to one of the most neglected areas of the Centro."