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Themed tours to begin at Museo Mundo Maya

Tours at the city's most grand museum will be focused into various themes for a week.

Chicxulub Crater Museum expected to be completed by July

The Chicxulub Crater Museum, which is about 60 percent done, will be completed in July, a state agency announced.

Aztec exhibit at Cantón begs comparison with ancient Mayans

Palacio Cantón's "Mexicas, Elegidos del Sol" presents through more than 100 Aztec relics, drawing comparisons to Mayan culture.

Music Palace construction almost done, but opening delayed

El Palacio de la Música's won't really be complete until all its equipment is delivered and installed by March, but entertainment and educational programs are already being announced.

Special tours: Museo Montes Molina shines at night

La Noche de Museo is a special night that allow visitors to see the Paseo de Montejo's famous Montes Molina House Museum in a different light. That is, moonlight.

Palacio Cantón visitors increase sixfold since restorations began

Since restoration work at the Palacio Cantón began three years ago, attendance is up. Way up.

Third stage of repairs begins at Palacio Cantón

During the months of April and May, INAH will continue conservation work at Palacio Cantón.

Ghost hunter finds something strange at Mundo Maya museum

A ghostly figure appears in a tourist's snapshot taken at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya.

Music Palace will be singing by year’s end — report

Believe it or not, the construction site behind the Church of the Third Order will be a gleaming, modern Palace of Music by the end of the year.

World-class Mexican Museum rises in San Francisco

The Mexican Museum, which opened in San Francisco’s Mission District in 1975, is being dedicated tomorrow as a world-class museum to showcase the largest collection of Mexican and Latino art in the United States.

Reboot of sacred-art gallery begins in Conkal

The Archdiocese of Yucatán shares its collection of sacred art today once again with a museum kickoff in Conkal.

Rain delays? Not at the Music Palace

Despite all the recent rain, the Music Palace — El Palacio de la Música — is quickly taking shape.

Frida Kahlo museum coming to Playa del Carmen

A museum dedicated to the work and life of Frida Kahlo will open in the first quarter of 2017 in Playa del Carmen. It will be only the second museum in the world with a focus on Frida.

Mundo Maya museum to be open at night

Hoteliers and other entrepreneurs in the tourism industry met yesterday at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya to preview nighttime programs that begin Friday, July 1.

Gran Museo Maya running at a deep deficit

Since opening in 2012, The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Merida has been a triumph in many ways, none of them having to do with finances.

Modern Music Palace coming to Centro

The sounds of traditional Yucatecan and Mexican folk music will be celebrated in the Palacio de la Música, which was formally unveiled Friday.

Noted: A modern pavilion at Montes Molina

Hailed by architecture critics, a modern colonnade's 36 slender minimalist columns contrasts strikingly with the neoclassical beauty of the La Quinta Montes Molina Pavilion.

‘Oscar’ goes to the Mundo Maya museum

Mérida's Gran Museo del Mundo Maya took the top prize as Best Emerging Cultural Destination of the Year in its region.

Casa Maya: World’s smallest museum

Museo Casa Maya, which will demonstrate Mayan ingenuity, will be the smallest museum on the world.

Mayan artifacts return from China

A shipment of priceless Mayan artifacts returned recently to the Palacio Cantón in Mérida after being on display in China since November.

Cantón renovation: A surprise in the attic

Restoration work at the Palacio Cantón has uncovered graffiti that represents a window into life in the 1940s, when the building was a school.

City Museum recalls Korean immigration

A descendant of the Korean immigrants who struggled 110 years ago to adapt to life in Yucatan has initiated an exhibit at the City Museum about their lives.

A facelift, fresh outlook for Palacio Cantón

The beautiful Palacio Cantón, home of the Regional Museum of Anthropology, is celebrating its 55 years with a facelift, as well as more dynamic programming.