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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Tour Yucatán: Join us for 5 exciting days full of natural...

We have decided that the time is right to launch our very first Yucatán Magazine tour.

Spring has sprung bright pink in Yucatán

Blues, yellows, purples, and reds suddenly seem to be everywhere, as the intense sunshine beats down upon the heat-loving flora of the Yucatán, contrasting with the Peninsula’s clear blue skies. 

Good news for Yucatán’s sea turtles

Sea turtles continue to be endangered in Yucatán, but a new study suggests that their numbers are beginning to recover. 

Yucatán’s amazing animals, from the solitary jaguar to the misunderstood opossum

Though the exact number of animal species on the Yucatán Peninsula is hard to nail down, even conservative estimates place the number in the thousands.

Spiders and howlers: Yucatán’s charming species of New World monkeys

Other than human beings, Yucatán is home to two species of primates, these being howler and spider monkeys.

Mexico’s Isla Holbox struggles with piles of tourists’ garbage

Local officials feel that the tiny resort island has reached capacity and any further development would be catastrophic.

Meteorite shower to be visible in Yucatán’s sky mid-April

Meteor Thatcher hurls through space. Photo: Courtesy During the second half of April, a prolonged meteor shower will...

A halo around the sun gets Meridanos looking skyward

A halo around the sun caused a stir on social media today. Photo: Facebook / Terrence Price Yet...

Trumpets in heaven? Mystery sounds from above rattle Merida before dawn

Clouds moved quickly across the early-morning sky in Merida, where some people heard strange noises. Merida, Yucatan — Has...

Hunab, a green nonprofit started by a little girl, flourishes after...

There's a new newspaper in town and it's practicing green, not yellow, jouralism.

Cold front brings damaging winds from the north

Strong winds up to 100 kph damaged three tanks at an unfinished fuel terminal, stranded a boat, destroyed a canvas roof in a park and knocked out electricity

After 300 days of shooting, BBC series celebrates ‘Wild Mexico’

From Mexico, television usually projects its gastronomy, its pre-Columbian glory and its colonial history. Less frequent are any mentions of Mexico's natural settings. That changes with an upcoming BBC production.

Yucatán primed for meteor shower show

Despite some clouds, favorable viewing conditions are in store for the Yucatán Peninsula in time for the peak of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower.

Earthquakes in Yucatan? Someone’s always checking

With recent news of a powerful magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck Mexico, shaking buildings in the capital and sending people running out into the street, one might wonder about Yucatan’s history with such a natural disaster.