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García Ginerés, a classic neighborhood with a dash of international flavor

García Ginerés is one of Mérida’s oldest neighborhoods outside the downtown core. For the past couple of decades, Mérida’s younger generations have dismissed it...

El Campestre, from countryside retreat to a thriving neighborhood in Mérida’s...

The area today known as Fraccionamiento Campestre has its origins in the 1940s but really saw development begin in earnest in the 1950s.

Ermita Park– The start of the original road to Campeche

Its yellow church, French cobblestone streets, and botanical garden are testimony of the passing of time throughout the capital.

Colonia Mexico: A modernist survivor in the world of Yucatán architecture

A neighborhood of great importance in the city, it emerged in the late 1940s, under the government of Ernesto Novelo Torres, but did not become relevant until the following decade. 

Cholul is a promising land for real estate, but villagers and...

Although it has largely grown in popularity for newcomers, Cholul still retains its town designation as well as most of its traditions and customs.

In between chicharra festivals, fabulous murals give Xcalachén new life

After the Chicharra fair, visitors stay for the vibrant murals.

Craving chicharra? Get to the Xcalachén festival early

The third Chicharra Festival 2018 is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors and sell two tons of crispy fried pork bits.

In La Ermita, locals and expats live in tranquility

This corner of Mérida immediately captures the attention of those who visit it. The area, in the southern part of the Centro, is known for its colorful houses and old casonas, its cobblestone streets, its church and its tranquility. It's as if La Ermita were miles from the city.

Chicharra Festival will return — twice a year

The Chicharra Festival gets a do-over in October, and is slated to be a twice-a-year event in the future.

Chicharra Festival trends nationally on Twitter

The city's first-ever Chicharra Festival trended nationally on Twitter, ranking among the top 10 most cited words on the platform.
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