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What’s new, Yucatán? 50 surprising things to look for

Food, music, drag queens! If travel restrictions have kept you away, you will be returning to a different Yucatán. Here's what to expect.

Nova: A health and wellness center that came naturally

Fernanda Toler's path to Yucatán was a long and winding one.  But once she was here, her health and wellness business came naturally. Born and raised...

Merida woman re-envisions Mexican textiles with a fashionable startup company

A young woman from Merida has put her design talent and business skills to work to promote Mexico's distinctly beautiful textiles.

Businesses last longer in Yucatán, compared to neighbors

The average life span of a business in Yucatán is 9.1 years, but only five years in Quintana Roo and 7.4 in Campeche, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Gelato shop owners open juice bar next door

When a space next door became available, Pola Gelato Shop took it and created Pola Juice Bar. An interview with one of the owners about how they found success in Calle 55.

Grand opening preview at Mercado 60

Hundreds of visitors on Wednesday night got a taste of things to come at Mercado 60. The gourmet market and its 18 high-end restaurant stalls opens to the public on Thursday, May 12 — a week from today.

Yucatán enters Special Economic Zone

A repeated demand of the Yucatecan business sector is at last reality: Yucatán joined the Special Economic Zone.

Interview: A fresh take on tropical furniture

Cuau Solis dangled a little chair over Calle 55's sidewalk and Mérida's creative scene hasn't been the same since.
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