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The Top 8 Archaeological Sites Near Oaxaca City

The mountains and plains surrounding Oaxaca de Juárez are jam-packed with archaeological sites. Here are eight of our favorites.

Do Not Disturb: I’m In a Zipolite State of Mind

Along comes January on the Yucatán Peninsula, and that is about the time we start to feel the doldrums of our version of winter....

The allure and mystery of the ancient Zapotec city of Dainzú

Established in the 7th century BCE, Dainzú was, along with San José del Mogote, already going strong for centuries by the time of the founding of Monte Albán. 

Oaxaca’s rebellious streak is what makes it so wonderful

There’s an edgy side to one of Mexico’s most compelling cities.

Yagul mesmerizes with more than 4,000 years of history

Though we will likely never know what these first settlers called the site over 4000 years ago, its Zapotec name Yagul roughly translates to “old tree.”

Even after 3,500 years, San José del Mogote never ceases to...

A contemporary of several of the Olmecs’ most ancient settlements is the Zapotec ceremonial center of San José del Mogote. Founded around 1500 BCE,...

Mitla, the ‘new’ ancient capital of the Zapotec

Sometime after abandoning Monte Alban, the Zapotec began construction of a new settlement we today call by its Nahuatl name, Mitla.

All about Lambityeco, its mighty royals, rain god, and amazing art

The Zapotec city of Lambityeco dates to the late classical period and is known for its extraordinary artworks including stucco masks and tombs.

Monte Alban, lofty stronghold of the mighty Zapotec

Established by the Zapotec civilization in the 5th century B.C.E. Monte Alban flourished for 1,500 years until its eventual collapse.
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