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Star Wars fans celebrate May the 4th with cosplay parade

Fans of Star Wars gathered in front of several iconic monuments in Mérida to pose for photos on “Star Wars Day,” May the 4th.

What are those creepy statues on the side of the highway?...

Elephants, iguanas and a Maya princess peer beyond the overgrown bush of a large fenced-off lot with no signs explaining their existence. We hazard some guesses.

President Fox’s luxurious hacienda is now on Airbnb, but it sure...

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s hacienda in San Cristóbal Guanajuato has been listed on Airbnb.

Adventurous pup illegally climbs Yucatán’s most famous landmark at Chichén Itzá

Once again, a clandestine visitor has broken the rules at Chichén Itzá by climbing Kukulcán’s famed pyramid. 

A giant hammock has suddenly appeared in the Centro, but why?

The sudden appearance of a giant hammock in downtown Mérida is drawing eyes. 

The German Forrest Gump makes his way to Yucatán

The man dubbed the German Forrest Gump ran his way into Mérida yesterday.

Church of Maradona opens its doors in Cholula Mexico

The Church of Maradona, or Iglesia Maradoniana, is a religion, created by fans of the late Argentine football player Diego Maradona, whom they believe to be the best player of all time.

Daytrippers find an abandoned cemetery near old ‘haunted’ hacienda

A couple of young men in Yucatán found an abandoned cemetery near the "ghost town" of Misnébalam. They said that they found the cemetery after...
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