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150 Mexican oil industry workers get a pink slip the modern...

The workers previously employed by Pemex contractors Marinsa and Maren say that the message informed them of their immediate termination and loss of benefits.

Victory at Arrecife Alacranes: Reef excluded from oil auction

Much to the relief of environmentalists and fishermen, a bid that had opened the possibility of oil exploration off Progreso has been modified to exclude the Yucatán Platform.

Fishermen unite to block oil exploration in their backyard

Fishermen have banded together, vowing to block the port if that's what it takes to prevent oil drilling off Yucatán.

PRD vows court fight to prevent Yucatán oil drilling

One of Mexico's major political parties is fighting a move to auction off a piece of Yucatán's Gulf for oil exploration.

Potential oil and gas deposits put Yucatán oil platform on auction...

One month after the president issued a decree that was supposed to protect Los Alacranes from oil exploration, the nearby Yucatán Platform is suddenly in play.