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Mérida’s Christmas Festivals and Markets go into Full Swing

With Christmas just around the corner, Mérida's parks and public plazas will be overflowing this evening with special events and markets. Shows are scheduled tonight...

Vergel’s Aquaparque, Mérida’s very own urban oasis

Mérida is a great city to call home, but even those of us who love it the most sometimes get bogged down by things like traffic and the city's constant hustle and bustle. 

Parque La Plancha will be ready this time next year, and...

Among the attractions being built are an amphitheater for 1,000 people, an interactive fountain, a food market, elevated walkways, and a brand-new Train Museum.

Altabrisa residents face an uphill battle for a new park

Authorities have begun to partition sections of land designated for a park in the Altabrisa neighborhood.  Neighbors are concerned about rumors that this is being...

Parque Tho’: Mérida unveils plans for 20-acre park in Altabrisa

Residents who wanted a park in Altabrisa got their way when Mérida announced a 20-acre "green lung" called Parque Tho'. Parque Tho', under the shadows...

New rule would force restaurants to pay ‘rent’ for public spaces

It is time that Mérida’s businesses operating in public spaces pay for the privilege, says Mayor Renán Barrera Concha. The mayor's comments came after a...

Mérida residents complain about downtown businesses hogging public spaces

Mérida's City Hall says it has removed metallic structures and potted plants designed to close off public spaces for private businesses.

Chicxulub to get its very own ‘Jurassic Park’

Construction began today at a new attraction near the entrance to Chicxulub, in the municipality of Progreso. 

Plaza Grande — The history of Mérida’s most iconic square

During colonial times, the Plaza Mayor witnessed the swearing-in of Spanish kings, religious processions, bullfights, and many more important events.

Free and faster Wi-Fi promised in every Merida park by mid-July

Although free public internet access isn't new, the city has upgraded 26 percent of its routers and other equipment.

Restaurants challenged for encroaching on Santa Lucia park space

As in Progreso, tables and chairs in the Centro should not claim permanent positions in public spaces, a business leader says.

Historic bandshell in Parque de las Americas is showing its age

The bandshell in one of the city's most beloved parks may be due for a renovation.

Residents fight to save rare open space in fast-growing Altabrisa

The largest empty plot of land in the city's north should become a park, its neighbors insist. 

Crowdfunding project will make Santa Ana park a greener space

A young entrepreneur is holding an online fundraiser to bring more trees to Santa Ana park. 

Dinner in the park? New regulations could threaten café seating

The leader of the city's restaurant trade group expressed concern that new regulations could affect restaurants that have been expanded into public parks.

New Baxal Ja water park was a hit, even before the...

Local companies have joined international food franchises in expressing interest in getting in on the action at the Baxal Ja Water Park.

Governor officially begins La Plancha park project

After years of campaigning and planning by neighbors, volunteers and academics, workers finally are clearing acres of flat, underused space in the Centro.

La Plancha neighbors were way ahead of everybody else in creating...

Three years ago, neighbors mobilized and planted 100 trees on the perimeter of La Plancha. All that work has paid off.

Oxxo adopts a park; will pay for trees, renovations and programs

Oxxo, the convenience store chain, will invest about 200 million pesos over the next five years to maintain Parque Flamboyanes in Col. Juan Pablo II, west of the city.

La Plancha group wants assurances on master plan

The Gran Parque la Plancha group fears the state has already sold off part of the 60-acre parcel that various groups and neighbors have envisioned as a new green space.

Have restaurants spread out too far into public spaces?

Dining under the stars is one of life's great pleasures. So is a sidewalk stroll, or a walk in the park. Somehow, these pursuits have collided. Literally.

Young deputy protests Yucatán’s concrete jungle

Following a protest at a city park that sacrificed green grass for concrete, a young Green party member has gotten full support for a resolution urging municipalities to change their ways.

Giant chairs are latest attraction in Santa Lucia park

The tourism department installed giant conjoined chair in Santa Lucia Park on Thursday, and visitors have been taking the bait ever since.

La Plancha park project advances

By the end of next month, officials will release a final draft plan to convert a 20-acre vacant rail yard into a Central Park-like green space.
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