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New Palacio Cantón exhibit features extraordinary Maya artifacts

Maya religion and cosmology have been the subject of hundreds of investigations over the past century, but there is still much that remains a mystery.

El Remate restaurant offers a new view of Mérida (literally)

A defunct café has been put out of its misery and replaced with a place that better deserves such a prominent spot: El Remate...

Mérida’s Monumento a la Patria — a temple to unity, history,...

El Monumento a la Patria is without a doubt one of Mérida's most recognizable landmarks. Even visitors passing through the city for only a day, or even a few hours, likely stop by and visit this iconic monument. 

Mérida decks the halls in time for Christmas

Christmas is a big deal in Mérida. But after the lackluster 2020 holiday season, people in the city seem to be getting more excited than ever. 

La Casa Azul — The bright blue icon behind Paseo de...

Built in the 19h century, the now boutique hotel was declared a Historic Monument in 1982, and to this day preserves its original French-style architecture. It has become one of the most iconic buildings in Paseo Montejo.

A walk through the Minaret — Moorish and French-style highlight the...

The splendor and flare of the mansions became a symbol of the economic success brought to the state by the “green gold era” — the henequén times, which coincided with the Porfiriato. 

Monument to the Montejo ‘covered in blood’ once again

A group of protesters staged a demonstration in front of the monument to the Montejo, vandalizing it and chanting anti-colonialistic slogans.

Paseo de Montejo mansions that need to be rescued again

For all of the historic mansions the Paseo de Montejo has lost, we're grateful for the ones that remain. What saved them were the...

Mérida’s monument to the Montejo, an icon of history or bigotry?

Just over a decade ago, a statue of Francisco de Montejo, known as El Adelantado (the one that came first) and his son, Francisco de Montejo, el Mozo were erected on Mérida’s Remate, the starting point of Avenida Paseo de Montejo.

Bike rights: New rules strip safety requirements for cyclists

Yucatán's new transit rules have done away with requirements such as equipping bicycles with front-facing lights.  The new ordinance also no longer demands that cyclists...

Montejo monument vandalized as hundreds march for Women’s Day

An International Women's Day march in Mérida highlighted growing issues of gender violence and inequality, ending with another monument covered with spray paint. The...

Tourism official sues when parking spots at his hotel vanish

Jorge Carrillo Sáenz, president of the Yucatan Tourism Business Council (Cetur) and the Paseo de Montejo Foundation, filed a protective order with the court...

One of the Twin Mansions becomes a private museum

Nearly 110 years after it was built, the public is invited to see inside one of Mérida's palacial Casas Cámara, also known as the...

Monument to Maya heritage would replace Montejo statues at the Remate

Just as monuments to Confederate figures are coming down in the United States, so should the statue depicting the Spanish conquerors who appear to...

Guided tours of the Paseo de Montejo prove popular

The city of Merida hosted guided tours of the Paseo de Montejo for just a brief period, but they caught on fast.

City tours begin along the grand Paseo de Montejo

Merida, Yucatan – The Paseo de Montejo's mansions and monuments are beautiful, but visitors rarely know their history. Called "Montejo, pasado con esplendor” ("Montejo, Past Splendor"),...

Have restaurants spread out too far into public spaces?

Dining under the stars is one of life's great pleasures. So is a sidewalk stroll, or a walk in the park. Somehow, these pursuits have collided. Literally.

Some mansions still abandoned on the Paseo de Montejo

Some of the Paseo de Montejo's grand mansions remain in a dilapidated condition, which is something one business leader has urged the government to act on.

Restorers in final stretch at iconic Monument a la Patria

The historic Monumento a la Patria, one of the most iconic sites of the Yucatecan capital, is almost ready again for its closeup.

2 from Kenya win Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Kenyan runners took the podium in the Mérida Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, which was followed by a festive stadium concert.

$1.25M-peso restoration due at Monumento a la Patria

Restoration work on the Monumento a la Patria could start as early as October if INAH approves a plan of action in time.

Final week for photo show on the Paseo

This is the final week to enjoy photos from school F2 Estación Visual, along the Paseo de Montejo at Calle 39, in front of the Municipal Archive.

Mayan artifacts return from China

A shipment of priceless Mayan artifacts returned recently to the Palacio Cantón in Mérida after being on display in China since November.

Billboard crackdown continues in Mérida

City authorities are using social media to boast about a crackdown on illegal billboards that have been a blight on the city.