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Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens Yucatán coast

Environmentalists warn that such a spill is likely to do a great deal of damage to ocean life.

Pemex battles with scientists over methane-leak report

Pemex is refuting a scientific report tracing large methane emissions to an oil platform off the coast of Campeche. The state-owned oil company said...

Renewable energy is under siege in Mexico, say experts

The decision to refuse the appeal of 10 large-scale renewable energy projects across Mexico has left environmentalists and investors aghast.

Pemex reversal of fortune: $US6 billion quarterly profit

Pemex on Monday reported a $6.17 billion first-quarter net profit, reversing a nearly $2 billion loss in the same period last year. Foreign exchange...

U.S. drivers wanting to fill up in Mexico hit with an...

Over the weekend, Mexico's federal government announced that it would be temporarily suspending its gas price subsidies along its northern border. 

Oil residue shows up on beaches but Pemex denies responsibility

Mexico’s state-owned oil company PEMEX is claiming that crude oil residues showing up on Campeche’s beaches are natural phenomena.

A leak in a Tabasco Pemex oil pipeline causes disastrous fire

A massive fire sparked by a leaking oil duct has created massive environmental damage in Huimanguillo, Tabasco. 

150 Mexican oil industry workers get a pink slip the modern...

The workers previously employed by Pemex contractors Marinsa and Maren say that the message informed them of their immediate termination and loss of benefits.

Pemex downplays ‘eye of fire’ in the Gulf of Mexico

The accident is said to have been caused by a faulty duct that released and ignited highly combustible gas in the Gulf.

Gasoline prices continue to soar in Mexico

Gasoline prices in Mexico continue to rise, with a liter costing upwards of 25 pesos in some parts of the country. The average cost of...

Pemex pulls the plug on new waterfront park

Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Pemex, has canceled the construction of a new park in Progreso.  The new park was slated to be built on the...

Feeling ripped-off at the Pemex pump? You are probably right

Complaints against gas stations in Mérida are common as customers routinely argue that not all of the gasoline which they pay for actually makes...

CFE reports 242 of its workers died from COVID-19

Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission, the CFE, reported that 242 of its workers had died of COVID-19 as of Feb. 8. The power utility also stated...

Mexico to stop refining Premium gasoline, turning to imports

As of August, Pemex plans to stop producing Premium and Ultra Premium gasoline in its refineries.

Yucatan gas stations’ pumps shut down when liters come up short

Inspectors immobilized a pump that delivered 19 liters of gas when charging for 20, said Profeco.

Solution to Yucatan’s natural gas shortage remains unclear

Authorities this week are seeking to quell concerns of impending blackouts in Yucatan because of fuel scarcity.

Nearly 2,000 axed at Pemex under AMLO austerity plan

For Pemex, Mexico's oil company, the year began 1,952 workers laid off, mostly middle management.

Dangers of tapping fuel lines were demonstrated in Yucatan

Two of seven alleged fuel thieves were killed in July 2018 when they accidentally blew up a pipeline they were attempting to tap.

Oil rigs sabotaged at sea, says Lopez Obrador

Lopez Obrador said there had been “acts of sabotage at crude oil drilling platforms,” without providing further details.

Fuel thieves hit critical pipeline again

Despite a heightened crackdown, fuel thieves have again damaged a critical pipeline that supplies the capital with fuel piped in from the Gulf coast,...

Fuel crisis likely to delay deliveries headed to Yucatan

While drivers in Yucatan may not be starved for gasoline, the fuel crisis could affect southeast Mexico in other ways.

Fuel thefts reach a critical point across western Mexico

Motorists lined up for a fourth straight day at gas stations in western Mexico Tuesday.

10 Yucatán gas stations shut down for faulty pumps

A gas-pump verification program run by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) ended with 27 pumps at 10 service stations being shut down for failing calibration tests.

Premium gas reaches 20 pesos in 5 states

The increase in the price "is not the fault of the gasolineros" but because of fuel's import cost.
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