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An $18 peso by the year’s end, bankers predict

The exchange is part of the expat conversation more than ever, at least in recent history.  But experts predict the dollar will get stronger by...

Super peso: Who wins, who loses, and how long will it...

Expats depending on income from abroad aren't the only ones feeling the pinch of the "super peso." Think of poorer families depending on remittances. A...

Mexico’s interest rates hike breaks records, boosts peso

Mexico’s central bank accelerated the pace of its interest rate hikes Thursday. The peso strengthened slightly after the decision, gaining as much as 0.4% to...

Prospect of a Biden win weakens dollar in Mexico

A U.S. dollar only gets you 20.80 Mexican pesos. Mexico's currency strengthened Thursday to an eight-month high against a weakening dollar as Democratic candidate Joe...

Mexico to introduce new 1,000-peso bill in 2020

The new 1,000-peso bill will enter circulation in the second half of the year, according to Banco de México (Banxico). On one side of the...

Poll: Aztec ruler Cuauhtémoc belongs on Mexican currency

Who should be on Mexico's new 500-peso bill? The Aztec ruler Cuauhtémoc, say 34 percent of voters in an El Universal poll.

Frida and Diego’s future uncertain on Mexico’s 500-peso bills

A new 500-peso bill — one of the largest circulation in the country — is coming, but bank officials won't say if Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will remain as part of the design.

Peso benefits by peaceful election, says banker

A peaceful election has calmed fears among investors, says a Banco Base executive, who estimates that the exchange rate will continue to range between 19.70 and 20.30.

Politics bring peso to lowest point in year, trading past 20...

The dollar surged against Mexico's peso after Mexico said it will impose a 20 percent tariff on U.S. pork imports.

Remittances from Mexican workers abroad hit new record

Mexicans living the United States and elsewhere sent home a record amount of cash in April.

Favorable exchange rate fuels property sales to foreigners

The U.S. dollar is gaining on Mexico's peso again, and foreign property buyers have noticed.

A dollar could soon buy more than 20 pesos, Yucatán Chamber...

Election-related volatility could bring a return of the 20-dollar peso, predicted the local president of the National Chamber of the Industry of Transformation, Juan Manuel Ponce Diaz.

Peso drops as investors react to AMLO’s growing popularity

The peso tumbled Thursday during its worst trading day in 11 months.

Peso ends week down in volatile market

Mexico's peso depreciated 1.71 percent this week, its worst seven-day performance since Dec. 22, 2017.

Exchange rate on the peso hovers near $20 again

Worries over the U.S. corporate tax cut have dealt the latest blow to the Mexican peso.

Trade worries fade and peso rebounds to 10-month high

Mexico's peso reached an almost 10-month high on Friday and investors are more optimistic about the currency than they have been in four years.

Peso continues to get stronger

The Mexican peso is on the verge of breaking into bull market territory. How things have changed.

Trump nominee’s comment rattles peso, loonie

After the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s commerce pick said that renegotiating NAFTA will be a priority, the currencies of both Mexico and Canada tumbled Wednesday.

Investor cheers Mexico’s ‘Donald Trump victory sale’

While Mexico has always been an affordable place to visit, "the last two years have taken that dynamic to an extreme," writes a financial writer who just spent five weeks in Yucatán and Central Mexico.

Are Trump’s flagging poll numbers lifting the peso?

Could Donald Trump be inadvertently doing Mexico a huge favor? The peso is gaining ground against the U.S. dollar while Donald Trump's poll numbers are dropping.

Is Trump to blame for peso’s fall?

Mexico's peso can't seem to catch a break. Has Donald Trump's proposals and rhetoric played a role?

Mexico escapes blame in ‘weird’ peso slide

Mexico's peso sank to a record low on Tuesday, and the decline is expected to continue. But who to blame, if you're earning money in pesos?

Strong dollar, weak peso, attracts tourists

The peso has fallen steadily against the dollar, but "the peso is not weaker. The American dollar though is really strong,” a Mexican analyst said.
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