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Dogs in Yucatán: Getting them here and keeping them happy

Taking your dog to Yucatán takes planning. Getting them here is one thing, and finding care for them once they’re settled is another.

Merida’s newest taxi company is for animals and the people who...

Pet Móvil, is offering rides around the city in modified vehicles that allow both pets and their owners to travel in comfort.

Keep your pets nice and cool in the Yucatán heat

Regardless of the time of year, make sure your pets are always well hydrated. Photo: Joanna van der Gracht

How did your pets cope with New Year’s fireworks?

Source: Humane Society Last night's fireworks were pretty intense as we ushered in the 20s. A nonstop barrage...

Mérida veterinarian and U.S. volunteers treat over 300 dogs in El...

Dr. Tony Ríos, the Mérida-based veterinarian who leads well-known spay and neuter campaigns, aided an effort to treat over 300 dogs in El Salvador.

Digital platform in Mérida matches people with pets

The Adopta Project, a digital platform with 200 dogs and cats looking for homes, was unveiled this week.

Red flags to look for when someone claims to have your...

Going public to announce a lost pet could lead to telephone scams, the state attorney general's office warns.

Planned Pethood mobile vet clinics return, seek donations

A massive, roving veterinarian clinic makes its eighth return to Yucatán in February, bringing Dr. Jeffrey Young, who since coming here has become a cable TV star.

Vet services subsidized for pets in low-income homes

City Council has allocated 270,000 pesos to subsidize consulting services, medications and sterilization for city residents' pets.