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How photographer Mike Diaz captures Yucatán’s unique environment

As Mike grew up, he dove back into nature, researching the environment, wildlife, and space. He understood the process he had to follow in order to achieve the photos he dreamed of.

Selling your home? Meet a professional real estate photographer.

Professional photography will help you make money on your Mexican home or condo. Photo: Camilla Fuchs Part 1...

Quarantine photo contest captures the new reality of daily life in...

Merida, Yucatan — The municipal department of culture challenged residents to capture the quarantine with photography, and numerous stunning...

Divers take home top awards after capturing amazing cenote images

"Diver in the Magic Temple" took home the gold in an underwater photo competition. Photo: Courtesy Photos of...

Palacio Canton museum’s 60th anniversary is celebrated with photos

A photo exhibit at the airport celebrates the Palacio Canton's 60 years as a museum. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Newspaper photographer’s exhibit follows stints in Merida and Mideast

Rodrigo Díaz Guzmán. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — Former La Jornada photojournalist Rodrigo Díaz Guzmán spread his wings,...

Siesta in Yucatan hammock shop part of sleepy photo collection

Not everyone is aware that they are posing for British photographer Paul Trevor.

Portraits capture the dreams that haunted Pedro Tec

In the darkest moments of his life, Pedro found a series of characters in his dreams.

Pedro Tec’s dream-like photos of the Mayan world on view at...

"Los Mayas Eternos" explores themes of identity, ancestry, gender and socio-political aspects of Mayan culture.

Mérida Foto Fest invites photographers to capture Yucatán

The first-ever Mérida Foto Fest, organized by the visual artist Luis Alonso Anaya, will invite photographers to reveal the best images their lenses can capture in Yucatán.

Bob Schalkwijk/Pim Schalkwijk: Territorios

A photography exhibit, "Bob Schalkwijk/Pim Schalkwijk: Territorios," celebrates two long careers behind the lens.

Photo contest focuses on Yucatán’s elders

First place went to Mayra Guadalupe Canche Pacab for her poignant portrait of an elderly Yucatecan woman cradling a baby.

Instantes: Diario’s photojournalists exhibit at airport gallery

Images of the Yucatecan coast, beaches, sunrises and sunsets; of archaeological zones; of regional customs and traditions — all are seen through the lens of several local photojournalists in an exhibit called "Instantes."

Photo exhibit: Yucatán, its People and their Materials

Five photographers explore Yucatán's world of handcrafts.

#citylikeMID: Mérida from all angles

Smartphones in hand, several creative people collaborate on a single online art project that depicts Mérida as broodingly beautiful and vaguely unsettling.

A rare bird’s-eye view of Cuba

The photographer behind "Heavenly Yucatan" and “Magic Cancun & Riviera Maya” is now offering a coffee table book with a side of Cuba that is rarely seen.