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The largest species of turtle on Earth now nests near Playa...

For the first time in 36 years, the world's most giant sea turtle has been spotted nesting on the shores of the Yuctán Peninsula.

Archaeology in Cancún and the Mayan Riviera

For travelers, the Yucatán Peninsula is synonymous with pristine beaches and a vibrant culture that traces its roots back thousands of years.  Every year millions...

Is Playa del Carmen finally starting to turn things around?

Back in the mid 1990s, Playa del Carmen was mostly known as the place one took the ferry to Cozumel, which by then was already established as a popular spot for domestic and international tourists.

Playa del Carmen has a big secret to tell, and its...

During antiquity, Playa del Carmen was known as Xaman Há, which in the Yucatec-Mayan language, roughly translates as northern waters.

Jazz festival to make its comeback in Playa del Carmen this...

The festival will be of a hybrid nature, with some of the events being held online to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, city authorities announced.

New improvements coming to Riviera Maya highway

The new infrastructure will add two more lanes for 26 kilometers, as well as more side roads and wider exits, to the heavily congested area between Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

34 business shut down in Playa del Carmen over new COVID-19...

Affected business owners and administrators say that shutting down by 11 pm renders their businesses unviable, and will lead to permanent closures and layoffs.

Argentina plans diplomatic outpost for Yucatán Peninsula

Argentina will build a new consulate to serve Quintana Roo, Yucatán and Campeche states as well as Belize. It will be built in Playa...

Obstruction of justice probed after boy drowns at Xcaret Park

Quintana Roo's state prosecutor has opened an investigation into whether state authorities intervened on behalf of Grupo Xcaret to cover up details surrounding the...

Hotel in Playa del Carmen blocks free access to beach

Yesterday, beachgoers in Playa del Carmen complained that The Fives Hotel illegally installed barriers and placed ornamental plants blocking access to the beach.  Hotels in...

7 dead as gunfire erupts at Playa del Carmen bar

Seven men were killed in a shooting attack at a bar late Sunday.

3 Playa del Carmen bars suspended after hotels complain about excessive...

Three party bars have been forced to suspend operations under a citywide noise crackdown similar to Mérida's.

Quinta Avenida noise crackdown in Playa del Carmen

A noise crackdown on bars and club Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, has revealed tensions between nightclubs and the hotels who house many of their patrons.

‘Ironclad’ security to be installed at Caribbean boat terminals

Mexican authorities on Thursday announced plans to reinforce security at the country’s Caribbean ports and docks after an explosion ripped apart a tourist ferry in February.

Terrorism, organized crime ruled out in Playa ferry blast

Terrorism and organized crime have been ruled out in the ferry explosion that injured tourists, the federal attorney general’s office said today.

Travel alert to Playa del Carmen scaled back, U.S. consulate re-opens...

The State Department says its intelligence on safety issues in Playa del Carmen is changing.

Barcos leaves 2 boats behind in Africa

One ship was damaged by a bomb blast, and two others have been impounded. Now, media are reporting that the troubled Playa del Carmen ferry company has two more ships stranded in Africa.

U.S. closes consulate in Playa del Carmen, citing ‘security threat’

Citing a “security threat,” the U.S Consular Agency closed its office here Wednesday and the U.S. State Department is forbidding government workers from traveling there.

U.S. embassy says bomb caused ferry blast in Q. Roo

The ferry explosion that injured around two dozen tourists was caused by“an explosive device,” the U.S. embassy in Mexico said on Thursday.

Damaged ferry linked to jailed former governor, blast ‘a wake-up call’

Investigators from several agencies are trying to find the cause of a ferry explosion that injured 25 people.

Ferry blast injures passengers in Playa del Carmen

As many as 25 people were injured, but no fatalities were reported, after an explosion ripped through a ferry as passengers disembarked Playa del Carmen on Wednesday.

Confusion over upcoming dance music fests in Playa

The mayor has banned electronic music events like the one that ended tragically at the Blue Parrot, but a huge gay-and-lesbian festival is mum on its February plans.
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