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Why Are the Big Trees in Mérida’s Plaza Grande Being Cut...

The city says they pose a danger, and promise that 80 newer trees will replace them.

Big Facelift for Already Beautiful Mérida’s Plaza Grande

Major renovations at Mérida’s main square kicked off with a flurry of heavy machinery on Calle 63. 

Plaza Grande — The history of Mérida’s most iconic square

During colonial times, the Plaza Mayor witnessed the swearing-in of Spanish kings, religious processions, bullfights, and many more important events.

Revival of ‘Mérida en Domingo,’ a pandemic casualty, under discussion

Mérida en Domingo, the festive weekly crafts and food event at the Plaza Grande, was one of the first traditions to fall to the...

As Meridanos sleep in, the Centro is calm on a cool...

Normally hot and bustling, downtown Merida was cold and quiet for Christmas morning. Meridanos tend to wake up late after a night of Christmas...

Audible traffic signals guide the visually impaired

The four intersections around the Plaza Grande have been fitted with audible traffic signals to help visually impaired pedestrians cross safely.

Studying tourists in the Plaza

Here's a school project appropriate for the high temperatures Mérida is enduring lately.

Petition blasts newsstands at historic sites

With yet another newsstand popping up in front of another historic building, someone has started a campaign against kiosks facing the Plaza Grande.

Shows resume at Plaza Grande sites

Those vivid and artistic high-def video projections cast on the facades of the Cathedral and Casa de Montejo will resume, weeks after the National Institute of Anthropology and History shut them down.

New restorations begin at Casa de Montejo

Historic Casa de Montejo is getting another facelift. Its ornate facade will be cleared of cables, lamps and 15 years' worth of dust, grime and bird droppings.

Castro arrives tonight; expect closures

The Plaza Grande, presidential palace and many streets will be closed as Cuban President Raul Castro begins his visit to Merida today.

Greenpeace sails in, promotes organic farms

The international environmental group Greenpeace has come to town to promote organic farming.

Massive Zumba class rocks Plaza Grande

A giant Zumba session of more than 1,000 people brought salsa and other Latin rhythms to the main square in program that encourages physical activity.
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