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Class is in session for 20 police officers learning English

For 20 municipal police officers, summer means continuing to improve their English-language skills.

Municipal police begin tourist-safety focus

Summer holiday season has begun, and the municipal police have made a priority of keeping visitors safe. 

Police action pays off as graffiti declines in Centro

The facade "rescue" plan continues in the Centro Histórico, and so do the graffiti doodlers. But municipal police say vandalism is down these days.

Suspected burglars nabbed by police after brief struggle

Two burglary suspects were nabbed by police, who say they caught them in flagrante delicto in a Santa Ana home that sits behind the twin mansions.

Mérida police first in Latin America with electric patrol cars

Mérida's municipal police are the first in Latin America to have electric cars as part of its fleet.

Graffiti ‘artist’ forced to paint over his vandalism

For painting graffiti on five Centro Histórico facades, a suspect detained by Mérida police was sent back to the scene of the crime 36 hours after his arrest.

Mérida police crack down on holiday drunk driving

Mérida police are vowing zero tolerance for drunk driving this holiday season. And they have doubled their supply of breathalyzers to enforce the law.

Pot busts almost daily at San Benito, Lucas de Gálvez

With the help of their canine unit, police are making near-daily arrests in the Historic Center, said the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Arturo Romero Escalante. Most offences are for small amounts of pot.

Friends honor Yucatecan killed in U.S. by police

The body of a Yucatecan man shot dead by police in San Francisco, Calif., has been brought home. But he won't soon be forgotten in the Bay Area, where friends have raised over $3,000 to help his family and to organize a justice campaign.

Here’s where the DUI check points will be

In time for holiday revelry, police in Mérida are setting up 34 check points inside the city and its surroundings. Here's how the police will be deployed.

Police crack down on bars after complaints

Following complaints from neighbors, the Municipal Police closed two Centro clubs early this morning, alleging they were operating illegally.

Gang dismantled before hitting state

A gang of black-market oil traffickers has been halted before settling in Yucatán, announced prosecutors from Campeche and Yucatán who worked jointly in a major crackdown.

Hunt for ‘El Chapo’ reaches Mérida

Could "El Chapo" have fled to Yucatán? Although there is no reason to believe he is on the peninsula, police are offering a bounty for his capture.

Mayor blasts plan to abolish city police

The mayor of Mérida has joined civil rights groups in denouncing President Enrique Peña Nieto’s plan to dissolve municipal police departments across Mexico.
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