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The end of Maruchans: Why instant soups are banned in Mexico

Profeco announced that instant soups will be withdrawn from the market because they are considered harmful to the health of consumers.

Fish fraud found to be very common across Mexico

The practice of species substitution or fish fraud is increasingly common in Mexico and around the world, says Oceana International. Photo:...

Feeling ripped-off at the Pemex pump? You are probably right

Ever-increasing gas prices continue to strain the finances of Mexicans. Photo: File Complaints against gas stations in Mérida...

COVID scare shuts down Profeco for a week

Profeco’s office in Merida. Photo: Google The Merida office of the federal consumer protection agency has shut its...

5 funeral homes temporarily shut down by consumer agency

Profeco shut down five local funeral homes for lacking correct permits. Photo: Courtesy Profeco, the consumer protection agency,...

CFE is most common name on consumer protection agency’s complaint list

The federal electric utility, CFE, garners more consumer complaints than any other entity. Photo: File Merida, Yucatan —...

1,000 businesses to turn out the lights 1 hour in protest...

At least 1,000 businesses in Yucatán are expected to turn off the electricity for an hour on Tuesday in protest against the increase in electrical tariffs.

Quiet holiday season for consumer protection agency

Profeco has been busy monitoring holiday trade at the airport and markets, but some sectors in particular have been quiet.

Airport under surveillance for holiday delays, consumer-rights violations

Profeco will reinforce surveillance in the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport as Holy Week approaches.

Profeco suspends VIP cinema, food vendor, in seasonal crackdown

After 22 surprise inspections, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), suspended both a VIP cinema and a food vendor/restaurant after finding they violated the rules.

Consumer-protection campaign eyes fish mongers during Lent

Profeco agents are not giving up consumer protection for Lent.

Gas stations caught shorting customers

Profeco's "full liters" program has sanctioned 38 of the 123 gas stations they inspected for selling customers short.

Delayed or canceled flights trigger 68 complaints in 1 month

Triple the complaints came from travelers whose flights at the Mérida airport were either delayed or canceled in the last 30 days.