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16 swimmers attacked, possibly by sting rays, in Progreso

The specifics of the attacks are vague, but most are thought to have involved interactions with string rays in Progreso’s shallow waters. 

Kids design their own dinosaurs at Progreso’s new meteorite museum

Yucatán’s meteorite museum — formally called the Museo del Meteorito — officially opened Tuesday. It features five mega dinosaur sculptures between eight and nine meters high:...

Video: Red tide puts summer vacations at risk of an early...

Closed beaches and the threat of a red tide in Progreso, but not ot all is at is seems.

Construction begins in Progreso on a new dock for the Mayan...

State and federal authorities have confirmed that work on a new dock to bring freight to the Mayan Train has begun in Progreso. 

‘Red tide’ detected 7 miles off Yucatán coast

Scientists confirmed the presence of a red tide seven miles off Ría Lagartos.

The summer season kicks off in Progreso, but vendors say they...

Progreso, Yucatán’s most popular beach drew thousands of visitors over the weekend. But vendors and restauranteurs say that despite decent sales, they continue for things...

A Progreso beach is more popular now that the pigs have...

A simple concept is drawing more and more visitors to Pig Beach in Yucalpetén,

Progreso to open new inflatable water park this summer

The port city of Progreso has announced that it will be opening a new inflatable water park just off of its boardwalk.  The water park,...

Entry fees at Progreso’s new dinosaur park irk public

The new attraction in Chichxulub, called “Sendero Jurasico,” will be charging an admission of 200 pesos per adult and 100 per child. 

Explore Progreso’s La Ría, one of Yucatán’s most underrated attractions

La Ría Progreso is run by a small community cooperative that offers a variety of recreational and educational activities at very reasonable prices.

Merry-go-round for wheelchairs and a new dinosaur park are nearly ready...

Yucatán's top port city is installing a new carousel ride on its boardwalk, but this time it's designed to be more inclusive. The merry-go-round...

Giant ship’s anchor discovered under Progreso’s Malecon

Weighing in at nearly two tons, the massive anchor discovered last week by city workers in Progreso remains surrounded by mystery. 

Gay wedding in Progreso is a historic first for Yucatán port...

The coastal city of Progreso celebrated yesterday its very first same-sex wedding under Yucatán’s new marriage equality law. 

The 4th Annual Progreso Home Tour and Silent Auction is back...

Six lovely homes and gardens in Yucatán's coastal community.

Progreso mayor says no to ‘Citizen Carnaval’

It looks like Progreso's "Citizen Carnaval" planned for Feb. 26 will not be happening after all, at least on the Malecon. 

Ignoring City Hall, Progreso residents plan Citizen Carnaval’

Residents of Progreso have decided to go ahead with Carnaval celebrations on Feb 26, despite a clear rebuke from City Hall. 

Three cruise liners dock in Progreso as Yucatán breaks new record...

Three cruise ships docked in Progreso at the same time, bringing with them a combined total of 2,394 passengers and 749 crewmembers. 

Chicxulub to get its very own ‘Jurassic Park’

Construction began today at a new attraction near the entrance to Chicxulub, in the municipality of Progreso. 

Progreso spearheads new effort to clean up illegal dumpsites

Residents in Progreso and other communities on Yucatán's northern coast are complaining of illegal garbage dumps.

New residents in Yucatán flock to the beach

The real-estate market on Yucatán’s coastline continues to heat up as a growing number of people from across the country and the world continue to buy up properties.

What is behind the growing number of dolphins washing up on...

Wildlife authorities and biologists are showing concern over an increase in the number of beached dolphins found on Yucatán’s beaches.  Over the weekend, four deceased...

Progreso schedules over 100 cruises for 2022

Port authorities in Progreso have announced that the city is expecting the arrival of more than 100 cruises in 2022. 

2 Cuban migrants die in shipwreck off Yucatán coast

Unofficial reports claim that Mexican authorities helped 19 people to disembark the badly damaged ship.

Progreso’s boardwalk is now for pedestrians only and reactions are mixed

Progreso’s boardwalk has permanently closed to motor vehicle traffic to make way for pedestrians.