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Fideicomisos in Mexico: How do they work?

When the Mexican constitution was written, it specifically prohibited any foreign investor to buy land within 62 miles of any national border or within...

Mexico’s 6th fastest-growing real estate market is Yucatan

In the last eight years, Yucatan state's real estate growth has averaged 2.5 percent annually.

Favorable exchange rate fuels property sales to foreigners

The U.S. dollar is gaining on Mexico's peso again, and foreign property buyers have noticed.

‘House Hunters International’ preview: Meet the Weavers

The couple from New Jersey has lived in many countries, but feel at home here. They are interested in opening a bed and breakfast in the Centro, and they bought a property to do just that.

7th Mérida-themed House Hunters episode airing soon in U.S.

A New Jersey couple with a $450,000 budget wants to start a bed-and-breakfast in Mérida. That's the plot line of a "House Hunters International" that airs next week.
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