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Why we won’t promote the Pueblo Mágico program anymore

Pueblos Mágicos? We just can’t. No. Not anymore.

Motul, the magic town home of the famous Huevos Motuleños and...

Given improvements to Yucatán’s highway infrastructure, Motul feels closer than ever.

The magic of Espita and the charm of its people

The tiny town of Espita has a lot going for it, but it's friendly people who really make it shine.

Off the beaten path, Tekax is more than just another new...

Tekax has a lot going for it, from stunning vistas to amazing caves and archaeological sites.

Espita: A Yucatecan hidden gem

At roughly 165 kilometers from Mérida, Espita is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination for people looking to experience the wonders of colonial Yucatán.

How Sisal’s new ‘Magical Town’ status became a burden

Residents of Sisal say they don’t want their community to be a Pueblo Magico — Magical Town — any longer.

Sisal and Maní named Pueblos Mágicos, a double victory for Yucatan...

Yucatán leaped from two to four "Magical Towns" now that the federal tourism ministry has added the port town of Sisal and the historic...

Pueblos Magicos program loses federal funding

Mexico's 121 Pueblos Magicos are being cut off financially by the federal government in 2019.

Towns struggle to maintain status as ‘magic towns’

At least 10 so-called "magical towns" could lose that prestigious designation, warns the official in charge of the program.

Huge investment in ‘pueblos mágicos,’ Mexico’s magical villages

The federal government has ramped up investment in the tourism ministry's Pueblos Mágicos program, and is preparing to expand its list of "magical" towns.
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