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Journey into the wonderous Kohunlich and its exotic jungle

If you hear howls coming from the nearby jungle, don't be alarmed. The howler monkeys that inhabit the jungle are very peaceful.

After unexpectedly draining away, Chakanbakán lagoon refills itself

The Chakanbakán lagoon all but disappeared after draining into six sinkholes that appeared underneath it. Now, with the help of some rain, the lagoon is recovering.

Farmer admits accidentally killing millions of bees after spraying his crops

Authorities are investigating the long-term impact of a "toxic cloud" that killed at least 15 million bees, putting at risk next year's honey harvest.

After whale rescue, ‘heroes’ lives feel changed for the better

The morning of Aug. 4 positively changed the lives for 20  "proud islanders" who worked as a team to rescue a massive stranded whale on Contoy Island.

18-meter-long fin whale rescued off Q. Roo coast

An 18-meter-long/60-foot-long fin whale was rescued after being found stranded off this tiny island off the Yum Balam preserve.

Mexico’s top tourism destinations deemed safe by U.S. State Dept.

Quintana Roo's lucrative tourist zones have been spared in the United States Department of State's updated travel advisory.

AMLO’s promised bullet train to cost 100 billion pesos

A senator-elect for Quintana Roo announced a new bullet train will begin construction in 2019 and be fully completed six years later.

Na’atik Institute opens English library in Maya Zone

An English-language library is opening in the heart of the area's Zona Maya at the end of the month.

Quintana Roo’s new tourism director will hold off Holbox growth, but...

The state's newly created Tourism Promotion Council is charged with promoting many of the  Yucatán's Peninsula's lesser-known destinations and he's been given a staff of 30 to do it.

Quinta Avenida noise crackdown in Playa del Carmen

A noise crackdown on bars and club Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, has revealed tensions between nightclubs and the hotels who house many of their patrons.

Bengal tiger, kept as pet, sent to zoo after neighbors complain

Authorities have seized two wild animals that were being kept as pets in a private home.

Tulum’s outlandish growth comes at a grave environmental cost

While 20 years ago, Tulum was still  "a hidden paradise with only a few beachfront boutique hotels and houses," today it's "crammed with more than a hundred hotels and restaurants."

Water heater blamed in family’s death in Akumal condo

Gas fumes leaking from a water heater is thought to be behind the death of an entire family vacationing on the Caribbean.

Pioneering scheme insures coral reef off Quintina Roo

A special insurance policy covers endangered reefs off the Yucatán Peninsula against hurricanes, storms and other natural disasters.

U.S. closes consulate in Playa del Carmen, citing ‘security threat’

Citing a “security threat,” the U.S Consular Agency closed its office here Wednesday and the U.S. State Department is forbidding government workers from traveling there.

U.S. embassy says bomb caused ferry blast in Q. Roo

The ferry explosion that injured around two dozen tourists was caused by“an explosive device,” the U.S. embassy in Mexico said on Thursday.

Damaged ferry linked to jailed former governor, blast ‘a wake-up call’

Investigators from several agencies are trying to find the cause of a ferry explosion that injured 25 people.

Pilot a ‘hero’ after family walks unscathed from jungle crash

A tourist from London is thanking a "hero" pilot after his family survived a plane crash in the jungle.

8 Americans, 1 Canadian, among dead in tour bus crash; driver...

Information about the 12 passengers who perished Tuesday in a bus crash on the Costa Maya have been revised.

Quintana Roo beats China in economic growth

Thanks to strong tourist activity, Quintana Roo grew faster than China in 2016 and recorded the second-best economic growth in Mexico.

In Bacalar, measures to prevent a crisis like in Holbox

After what happened at Holbox over the summer, state officials in Bacalar want to learn from mistakes that were made.