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Mexico’s First Caribbean Destination Keeps Its Archaeological Treasures Hidden

Before tourism began to take off in the region, Akumal had a population of just a couple dozen folks, who according to locals there today, were the descendants of the same people who built the ancient port

Why tourist attractions are ignoring the new law against dolphin shows...

Federal legislation banning tourist attractions from exhibiting and offering interactions with dolphins was passed in late 2022.

Archaeology in the Riviera Maya and beyond

Today we continue making our way down the Riviera Maya to discover archaeological gems along this dazzling coast.

Archaeology in Cancún and the Mayan Riviera

For travelers, the Yucatán Peninsula is synonymous with pristine beaches and a vibrant culture that traces its roots back thousands of years.  Every year millions...

Playa del Carmen has a big secret to tell, and its...

During antiquity, Playa del Carmen was known as Xaman Há, which in the Yucatec-Mayan language, roughly translates as northern waters.

Ancient San Miguelito is Cancún’s unknown Mayan wonder

Tucked between five-star resorts along Cancún’s hotel zone sits the remains of the prehispanic settlement of San Miguelito.

The wondrous Isle of Women and its mysterious rainbow goddess

Much mystery still surrounds the fertility goddess we know as Ixchel.

Chunyaxché, the pride of the Petén Maya in the Caribbean

Nestled between the highway to Tulum, the Caribbean sea and Lake Muyil lay the ancient Mayan city of Chunyaxché — also known as Muyil.

Getaways: Exploring Bacalar and its astonishing  ‘7-color lagoon’

Just 30 minutes from Chetumal lay the resort town of Bacalar — one of the most stunning destinations on Quintana Roo’s extensive coast line.

The rise and fall of the ancient city of Oxtankah in...

In its heyday, Oxtankah was among the most prosperous centers in the region and the largest city in the Bay of Chetumal.

The beautiful and enigmatic Chacchobén 

Chacchobén is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, surrounded by spectacular lakes and lagoons, including the nearby lagoon of seven colors in Bacalar.

Quintana Roo: Green traffic light predicts high hotel occupation

As of today, Oct. 11, the Riviera Maya expects to close 2021 with an occupancy rate above 80%, its best figure since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dzibanché and the forging of the great snake dynasty

Recent research suggests that Dzibanché was one of the largest early Mayan cities in the entirety of Mesoamerica and may have been the first capital of the Kan, the first great Maya dynasty.

Journey into the wonderous Kohunlich and its exotic jungle

If you hear howls coming from the nearby jungle, don't be alarmed. The howler monkeys that inhabit the jungle are very peaceful.

After unexpectedly draining away, Chakanbakán lagoon refills itself

The Chakanbakán lagoon all but disappeared after draining into six sinkholes that appeared underneath it. Now, with the help of some rain, the lagoon is recovering.

Farmer admits accidentally killing millions of bees after spraying his crops

Authorities are investigating the long-term impact of a "toxic cloud" that killed at least 15 million bees, putting at risk next year's honey harvest.

After whale rescue, ‘heroes’ lives feel changed for the better

The morning of Aug. 4 positively changed the lives for 20  "proud islanders" who worked as a team to rescue a massive stranded whale on Contoy Island.

18-meter-long fin whale rescued off Q. Roo coast

An 18-meter-long/60-foot-long fin whale was rescued after being found stranded off this tiny island off the Yum Balam preserve.

Mexico’s top tourism destinations deemed safe by U.S. State Dept.

Quintana Roo's lucrative tourist zones have been spared in the United States Department of State's updated travel advisory.

AMLO’s promised bullet train to cost 100 billion pesos

A senator-elect for Quintana Roo announced a new bullet train will begin construction in 2019 and be fully completed six years later.

Na’atik Institute opens English library in Maya Zone

An English-language library is opening in the heart of the area's Zona Maya at the end of the month.

Quintana Roo’s new tourism director will hold off Holbox growth, but...

The state's newly created Tourism Promotion Council is charged with promoting many of the  Yucatán's Peninsula's lesser-known destinations and he's been given a staff of 30 to do it.

Quinta Avenida noise crackdown in Playa del Carmen

A noise crackdown on bars and club Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, has revealed tensions between nightclubs and the hotels who house many of their patrons.

Bengal tiger, kept as pet, sent to zoo after neighbors complain

Authorities have seized two wild animals that were being kept as pets in a private home.
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