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Mérida’s real-estate prices still soaring to new heights

Mérida's Centro and North remain the priciest areas in the city, but prices are spiking everywhere.

Violence down, and real estate prices go up in Yucatán

The headline “Mexico's Safest State Is Seeing a Real Estate Boom” might have been clickbait, but it’s real. It was on Bloomberg.com, the U.S....

Real estate professional profile: Yury Di Pasquale

Over two decades of real estate experience and her deep involvement in the community lead both buyers and sellers to consider Yury Di Pasquale...

Researching real estate: 7 ways to get started

Nicholas Sanders of Yucatan Beach & City Property shares his checklist for property-buying success: Mérida is a true success story and has transformed over the...

Plano has a plan to streamline the complicated process of selling...

In 2009, Brent bought a house in Mérida Centro. The house was a small ruin that sat on one of Mérida's typical long lots....

Mérida slated to build nearly 100 new highrise towers

Housing and business developments in Mérida have historically been fairly “close to the ground,” but that seems to be changing.

Building in Yucatán to get even more expensive in 2022

Over the past several years, construction costs in Yucatán have risen sharply and all signs point to even higher prices in 2022..

Foreign property ownership up 3.5% annually in Yucatán — study

The number of United States and Canadian citizens who have decided to live temporarily or permanently in Yucatán increases 3.5% every year. That’s the conclusion...

Mérida real estate market heats up, even beyond the Periférico

Increases are not limited to the Centro or its surrounding neighborhoods. Areas once considered fairly affordable such as Francisco de Montejo, and Ciudad Caucel have also seen considerable price hikes. 

House permits for foreigners — How to buy a house in...

Any foreigner can obtain direct ownership of a property in the interior of the country, they just need a permit from the Foreigner Affair's Office. However, under Mexican law, foreigners cannot directly own property within the restricted zone.

Eric Partney: A property pro pioneer in the Centro

After years in the real state market in the US, Eric Partney took advantage of his expertise with the Mérida market, becoming a pioneer in the area.
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