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Recipe: Yucatán’s Kaaxil Sikil just happens to be vegan

The Yucatecan dish Kaaxil Sikil isn’t found in any cookbooks or cooking blogs. Not yet, anyway.  It made it to the 2021 finals of a...

Eva Longoria in Yucatán: ‘This is my idea of food heaven’

While visiting Mérida, celebrity Eva Longoria met Regina Escalante, who runs the popular Restaurante Merci, and sampled the chef's grilled fish with sour orange,...

Asian inspiration, with ingredients you can actually get here

Recently, Yucatán Magazine highlighted new places to get that Asian fix. But since I love to cook, I am finding recipes for the home...

This healthier take on Yucatecan kibis will impress your guests

Brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants in the 19th century, the noble kibbeh fast became one of Yucatán’s favorite snacks. 

Beat the heat in Yucatán with these cool-down recipes

Mexican Citrus Salad with jicama and Yucatán Spicy Shrimp lead the way

When Yucatán gets cold, soups come to the rescue

The current Yucatán chill is real. I never thought a gal from Pennsylvania would find the 70 degree days here cold. However, my internal...

In Yucatán, Mondays were made for frijol con puerco

Mondays in Yucatán are all about frijol con puerco. This traditional pork, rice, and beans dish is much beloved by people across the state, but you are unlikely to find it on the menu of any restaurant..

Stuffed eggplant, the Yucatecan way

When I first came to Yucatan, I was very young and had never tasted eggplant. My mother-in-law had a special recipe and when I tried it, I liked it so well that it became the dish she would always make for me on my birthday.

Pavo pibil: Yucatán-style roast turkey is full of flavor

Roast turkey in Yucatán — pavo pibil — is full with flavor because it's filled with citrus and onion, smothered with achiote sauce and...

Fried squash: A seasonal pumpkin recipe inspired by Yucatán

Pumpkin was a fundamental ingredient in the pre-Hispanic diet, particularly in the center of the country. In Yucatán, however, it is usually enjoyed fried.

When life sends you mangos, make chutney

Our neighbor has a huge mango tree, and literally, hundreds of unripe mangoes fall every week. If not picked up right away, they rot. Ugh!

Recipes: Enjoy avocados big or small, from dip to dessert

At the local fruit stand, avocados are a quarter of the price I pay back in the States. So naturally, I buy them more frequently. But what to do with all those avocados?

I got a guanábana — now what?

Beautiful things are possible with this ugly, pungent fruit.

Taco recipe: Cochinita meets New Mexico heat

From an American newspaper in Santa Fe comes a recipe that blends the flavors of old Yucatán and New Mexico. "This is a taco...

Recipe: Caldo tlalpeño, the Merida way

The managing editor of Salon, Joseph Neese, happens to be the grandson of a woman from Merida. And that grandmother, Elena Narvaez Neese, is sharing...

Here are the 3 easiest recipes from David Sterling’s ‘Mercados’

The 560 thick, glossy pages of “Mercados: Recipes from the Markets of Mexico” are such a riot of color and photography, at first Michalene...

An Izamal market stall recipe: ‘Empanaditas’ de San Jose

David Sterling's followup to "Yucatan" explores all of Mexico, but starts in Yucatan's famous magic town, Izamal. Here is one interesting dish, which isn't...

How to make Yucatan’s Dzik Tacos with an Instant Pot

TV chef Rick Bayless, whose love for Yucatan is well documented, recently posted a video that combines a current pressure-cooker craze with a traditional Yucatecan taco filling.

Recipe: Oyster dressing, Jeremiah Tower style

Legendary chef Jeremiah Tower (and expat living in Merida) was on New Orleans television recently to demonstrate a timely recipe.

Recipe: Butterflied turkey with Yucatán rub

If you're not dining out on Thanksgiving, here is an idea that's moderately easy to execute at home.

Cactus power: Nopales pack a nutritious punch

Many foodies stop being adventurous when presented with a plate of nopales. And that's a shame, because these prickly pear cactus paddles are spectacularly healthy.

Have a Caballero for Christmas

Christmas morning means the aroma of cinnamon French toast. To bring a taste of Yucatán to your Christmas morning, here is an equally festive dish.

Nacho ordinary Thanksgiving leftovers

You're in Mexico, or at least dreaming about it, but you still celebrated American Thanksgiving. What to do with your leftovers? It's time for nachos!
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