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Mexico and Faith: Are We Missing Something?

Diane Spinelli explores the deeply felt traditions and beliefs among present-day Catholics in Mexico 

A Very Different Palm Sunday Among The Ruins of Ancient Aké

On Easter Sunday, among the ancient ruins of Aké, The Virgin of Aké was carefully taken from her altar to join the procession in her honor.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is at the Heart of Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe holds a special place in the religious life of Mexico’s faithful.

Good and evil face-off through dance on Christmas Eve

Last Friday, on Christmas Eve, the small town of Dzitnup was the stage for one of Yucatán's most unique holiday celebrations, the dance of "Abraham and Isaac".

Torch runners complete pilgrimages for the Virgin of Guadalupe

Police asked motorists to be careful driving around the countless pilgrimages underway this weekend as the faithful carry out a time-honored Guadalupe-Reyes tradition. The...

Despite challenges, Mexico’s devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe is unwavering

Mérida is an extremely social city, even now with the pandemic in full swing. And “Guadalupe – Reyes” is the most intensely social period of the year.

Church of Maradona opens its doors in Cholula Mexico

The Church of Maradona, or Iglesia Maradoniana, is a religion, created by fans of the late Argentine football player Diego Maradona, whom they believe to be the best player of all time.

Destination mitzvahs could be Cancun’s next travel niche

A 3-day event was cheaper and less stressful than what a N.J. family would have found at home.

Missionaries mix it up in remote Yucatan village

A group of Christian missionaries from Georgia is capping off its fifth year of biannual trips to Yucatan, Mexico.

U.S. family moving to Mérida full time, devoted to sports evangelism

A Missouri couple is preparing to work full time in Mérida to run a Christian sports camp.