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After delay by INAH, Hotel Mérida finally open for business

Redecorated and updated from pillar to post, the historic Hotel Mérida has re-opened after being boarded up for nine years.

Pasaje de la Revolución getting a facelift in time for Sept....

Work crews are busy restoring the Passage of the Revolution in time for celebrations in September, which is called the month of national holidays. 

47 Centro properties restored to original splendor

One small tweak in the way the city's façade-rescue program works has made a big difference, even if it did cost the city 10 million pesos.

Dramatic, high-tech touch for Galerías mall expansion

A fanciful flying mast with skylights will crown an expansion at Liverpool's mall this fall.

Restoration begins at Mejorada’s arch

Restoration of the 325-year-old Arco de Dragones is the beginning of a trilogy of projects, with El Puente and San Juan arches also due for work.

Filling in the cracks at Casa de Montejo

Restoration work at the historic Casa de Montejo, one of the crown jewels of Mérida's historic properties, is at the halfway point.

Fresh face for Kukulcán Alamo stadium

The Leones de Yucatán's baseball stadium is in line for some fancy upgrades before the 2016 season begin in April.

New restorations begin at Casa de Montejo

Historic Casa de Montejo is getting another facelift. Its ornate facade will be cleared of cables, lamps and 15 years' worth of dust, grime and bird droppings.

INAH to target 50 ‘rescue’ projects

At least 50 historical buildings and facades in the historic center will be restored in 2016, the city council announced.

Keeping a colonial renovation on budget

Two Mérida expats share their experience, and some good tips, for remodeling a colonial property.

Vendors invited back to unfinished market

Seventy-one vendors who were displaced while Mercado Lucas de Gálvez was being remodeled will return in waves starting Monday. Will the space be ready?

Facade rescue program in 20th year

By the end of the present administration, the city of Mérida will have accomplished 144 facade rescues in the historic center.

Inside Fundación de Artistas’ dream world

A creative group saw potential in an old casona in Santa Lucia and ran with it. We spoke to Indira Londoño, director of the fledgling gallery that emerged.

A facelift, fresh outlook for Palacio Cantón

The beautiful Palacio Cantón, home of the Regional Museum of Anthropology, is celebrating its 55 years with a facelift, as well as more dynamic programming.

Restoration begins in the central markets

Ceremonial speeches signaled the beginning of long-awaited renovations to the main public markets, Lucas de Gálvez and San Benitoa.

Facade rescue reaches 800 homes

More than 20 years after its launch, the city's facade rescue program, Rescate de Fachadas, is about to finish its 800th renovation.

Iconic Palace murals restored

Fernando Castro Pacheco's 27 murals throughout the Government Palace look better than they have in years after a restoration project that began in 2013.

Valladolid’s high-tech, historical clocks cause a stir

Among the historical touches in Valladolid's downtown is been the installation of two charming old-timey street clocks. Two surprisingly controversial old-timey street clocks.

La Plancha, Casa de la Trova advance

Two major transformations in Merida's center have become closer to reality, bringing new purpose to an old railroad yard and a soon-to-be-abandoned legislative building.

Lawmakers propose crackdown on vacant Centro properties

Reacting to the proliferation of vacant lots and abandoned, deteriorating properties in the Centro, members of Yucatan state legislature are preparing to toughen laws that allow the government to seize land.

La Plancha forum invites New York City’s lead parks designer

As neighbors continue to work to convert the La Plancha into a green space, New York City's director of urban design joins the discussion.

Centro prices rise, but abandoned properties abound

The Centro Historico neighborhood has more abandoned properties than homes under construction. But rental prices have risen to new heights in some areas.

State aid for aging market, zoo, convention center

Officials will divert over $170 million MX to the city of Merida for projects including the public markets, the zoo and the convention center.
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