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Canada’s favorite indulgence makes its way to the land of the...

Cue the poutine! As much as everyone in Mérida loves tacos, panuchos, and salbutes, the amount of international options for snacking and dining in the city continues to grow. 

Live music is back at Yucatán’s restaurants and bars

e measure was put in place over a year and a half ago along with a series of other restrictions to help against the spread of COVID-19.

Remembering the gregarious host behind Alberto’s Continental for 51 years

Alberto Salum befriended many in Mérida's expat community. Photo: Joe Stines Mérida lost one of its most...

New permit allows restaurants in Yucatán to stay open longer

Yucatán's state government has announced that restaurants will now be allowed to remain for one hour longer, until 11 pm.

Restaurant association says it will defy new COVID-19 rules

Mexico's restaurant association (Canirac) and its 550 members say that they will defy the order issued by Yucatán’s state government to reduce their operating capacity from 75% to 50%.

Bars in Mérida’s Centro at risk of closing down for good

Employees of la Negrita pose for a photo holding signs petitioning the government to allow them to work. Photo: Courtesy

Will Valentine’s day bring respite to the restaurant industry?

Restaurants in Yucatán are currently only open until 11:30 p.m. at the latest. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

48 hours of Thai cuisine at hacienda pop-up

This weekend, Merida's Hacienda Xcanatun is featuring a Thai cuisine pop-up hosted by Saffron, an award-winning restaurant...

Limits on gatherings, restaurants and driving to be loosened

Hotels and restaurants in Yucatan will open more fully by Nov. 2. Photo: Lee Steele / YEL Yucatan's...

Rules eased for booze and restaurants, fair canceled, under imminent pact

An Economic Reactivation Pact, reportedly close to being signed, would alter the course Yucatan has taken to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Bing Bang Kitchen returns with a brand new business model

Merida, Yucatan — A recent report published online stated that upwards to 4,000 businesses in the Yucatan were...

Restaurants see little gain from opening doors over the weekend

After getting what they wanted — the right to open their doors on weekends — the head...

Las Garzas feeds neighborhood in the face of crisis

Photo: Las Garzas A Chelem restaurant, whose business has slowed during the coronavirus contingency, has started giving away...

Restaurants plead with landlords to forgive rent during crisis

Restaurants everywhere are empty until the coronavirus pandemic passes. Photo: Sipse Local restaurants joined with Yucatan Gov. Mauricio...

Piñuela closes suddenly, leaving a gap on Calle 60

Piñuela served breakfast, lunch and dinner off the lobby of the Hotel Mérida. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — After...

National leisure magazine nominate Merida, Ku’uk for top honors, again

Voting began Friday to pick Mexico's best gourmet destinations, and Yucatan's been asked to support the local nominees — including the capital itself.

Hennessy’s on Global Awards shortlist for Pub of the Year

Photo: Irish Hospitality Global Merida, Yucatan — Hennessy's Irish Pub has been shortlisted for Pub of the Year...

Yucatan won’t budge over alcohol sales at the beach

Progreso's palapas shield visitors from the sun. Photo: Courtesy Progreso, Yucatan — With the summer holiday season...

Tomato Italian Bistro grand opening in Chelem

The grand opening of Tomato Italian Bistro in Chelem begins 4:30 p.m. Friday May 31. The restaurant is across from the ballpark, at Calle...

Restaurants challenged for encroaching on Santa Lucia park space

As in Progreso, tables and chairs in the Centro should not claim permanent positions in public spaces, a business leader says.

A tale of 2 Yucatan restaurants, by a visiting critic from...

Vancouver Sun restaurant columnist Mia Stainsby concluded a visit to Naples, Fla., with a hop over the Gulf of Mexico for some food.

Is Merida’s restaurant boom sustainable?

It's dizzying how much Merida's restaurant scene has evolved and grown.

Presentation of new dishes at Te Extraño, Extraño

Presentation of new dinner dishes with the chefs Joaquin Cardoso y Sofía Cortina as hosts at Te Extraño, Extraño - Cocina Contemporáneo.

La Tradición named one of Mexico’s best restaurants for 4th year

Chef David Cetina’s La Tradición restaurant won a best-restaurant award at a gala in Mexico City. Photo: Courtesy