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‘Red tide’ detected 7 miles off Yucatán coast

Scientists confirmed the presence of a red tide seven miles off Ría Lagartos.

Growing flamingo population has taggers busy at Ría Lagartos

Under an ongoing conservation program, 585 more flamingos were recently tagged at the Ría Lagartos Natural Protected Area on the coast.

1st chicks of the pink flamingo season hatch in Rio Lagartos

It's a banner year for pink flamingos, with a record 21,960 nests counted in Yucatán's Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

Record set banding pink flamingos of Ria Lagartos

Friends of Yucatán's famed pink flamingos have broken the 2011 record in the number of birds banded for study.
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