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This Is Why So Many Maya Ruins In Mexico Are Unreachable

Mexico is officially home to 187 Prehispanic archaeological sites, but not all of them are truly open to the public.

Militarization of Mexican Society Comes Under Growing Scrutiny

While the presence of the military is necessary to help ensure peace, growing segments of society, even some of the president's most prominent supporters, argue that enough is enough.

4 months after tragedy, Iker’s body remains unclaimed

Four months to the day after he was killed by a passing car, little Iker Pérez López's body has not been claimed. On June...

Man dies trying to break into Mérida church 

A burglary suspect bled to death attempting to smash his way into a downtown Mérida church. Paramedics responded to the Seventh Day Adventist church at...

Is Playa del Carmen finally starting to turn things around?

Back in the mid 1990s, Playa del Carmen was mostly known as the place one took the ferry to Cozumel, which by then was already established as a popular spot for domestic and international tourists.

Hundreds of crumbling homes in Mérida’s downtown cause concern

Currently, over 200 properties in Mérida's centro are severely structurally unstable," says Christian Chan Estrella of Yucatán's civil protection unit. 

WhatsApp hacks in Yucatán reach ‘alarming rates’

Over the past few days in Yucatán, a growing number of people are reporting having their WhatsApp accounts hacked. 

New study reveals the stunning cost of corruption in Yucatán

According to a new study by the INEGI, corruption in Yucatán costs the state 9.5 billion pesos a year, the highest in the entire country. 

Australian expatriate and her husband missing in Yucatán for almost a...

Authorities are searching for a 32-year-old Australian woman who resides in Mérida.

Violent crimes drop in Yucatán, ranking as Mexico’s safest state once...

Yucatán has ranked as the safest state in all of Mexico according to a report published Wednesday by federal authorities.

Marines to take over security at Mérida and Cancún airports

Mexico's Marines will be taking control of seven airports across the country, with  Mérida and Cancún among them. 

Mérida’s new surveillance center now has eyes on over 6,700 cameras

Yucatán's government has opened a new remote surveillance center to oversee the state's thousands of active security cameras. 

Fireworks vendors under new scrutiny across Yucatán

State and municipal police have mounted a special task force to monitor the sale of pyrotechnics across Yucatán. 

Mérida’s Centro prepares for a tsunami of tourists and last-minute shoppers

Approximately 400,000 people are expected to crowd the streets of Mérida's Centro on Christmas Eve. 

More gunplay on Cancún beaches; should you still visit?

Soon after a special battalion of National Guard troops was assigned to protect the area, gunfire broke out Tuesday on a hotel-zone beach in...

Young man says he is ‘no hero’ after saving disabled neighbor...

At just 18, Heider Alexander Cruz Reyes, is being hailed as a hero by his community after saving a disabled neighbor from a fire in his home.

Colorado woman lost since July is found safe in Yucatán

A 41-year-old American woman missing in Yucatán for nearly three months has been found safe, police said. Jennifer Marie Trujillo, of Denver, was found Wednsday...

Parents say 16-year-old’s drowning in cenote could have been prevented

The parents of a 16-year-old boy who drowned last Saturday in a Quintana Roo cenote say that the accident should have been prevented by...

Women in Mexico turn to social media for protection against violence

Women in Mexico are building ties over the Internet to find safety. The network works by connecting women with each other across platforms such as...

Police arrest a suspect connected to Wednesday night’s shooting

Police have arested a man suspected of having fired 4 shots at a vehicle in Mérida on the night of March 24. The suspect identified...

Motorcyclist fires 4 shots at a vehicle in Mérida

A motorcyclist opened fire against an automobile Wednesday night in Mérida’s Manuel Ávila Camacho neighborhood. Police said the motorcyclist allegedly fired at least four shots...

Cancun flight vanishes before emergency landing in New Orleans

A United Airlines flight from Cancun made an emergency landing this morning after briefly disappearing from radar screens. United 1832 reportedly experienced a mechanical problem...

Love them or hate them, pedestrian islands are coming soon

Traffic features known as pedestrian islands are being built along several of Merida’s main avenues.  Pedestrian islands are safety features consisting of small sections of...

The dangerous pattern emerging on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway

In the early hours of Jan. 29, yet another fatal accident was reported on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway. On this occasion, one driver lost his...
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