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Marines to take over security at Mérida and Cancún airports

Mexico's Marines will be taking control of seven airports across the country, with  Mérida and Cancún among them. 

Mérida’s new surveillance center now has eyes on over 6,700 cameras

Yucatán's government has opened a new remote surveillance center to oversee the state's thousands of active security cameras. 

Fireworks vendors under new scrutiny across Yucatán

State and municipal police have mounted a special task force to monitor the sale of pyrotechnics across Yucatán. 

Mérida’s Centro prepares for a tsunami of tourists and last-minute shoppers

Approximately 400,000 people are expected to crowd the streets of Mérida's Centro on Christmas Eve. 

More gunplay on Cancún beaches; should you still visit?

Police officers patrol a beach in Tulum, Mexico, in late October. Photo: Getty Soon after a special battalion...

Young man says he is ‘no hero’ after saving disabled neighbor...

At just 18, Heider Alexander Cruz Reyes, is being hailed as a hero by his community after saving a disabled neighbor from a fire in his home.

Colorado woman lost since July is found safe in Yucatán

Yucatán state police issued an Alba Protocol alert when a Denver woman went missing. Photo: SSP A 41-year-old...

Parents say 16-year-old’s drowning in cenote could have been prevented

Cenote Azul in Sacalaca Quintana Roo. Photo: Courtesy The parents of a 16-year-old boy who drowned last Saturday...

Women in Mexico turn to social media for protection against violence

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp are increasingly being used by women to help them stay safe. Photo: Courtesy

Police arrest a suspect connected to Wednesday night’s shooting

Police sources say the weapon used in Wednesday’s attack was homemade. Photo: Courtesy Police have arested a man...

Motorcyclist fires 4 shots at a vehicle in Mérida

The vehicle was shot four times, but fortunately, there were no reports of physical injuries or deaths. Photo: Courtesy

Cancun flight vanishes before emergency landing in New Orleans

Google A United Airlines flight from Cancun made an emergency landing this morning after briefly disappearing from radar...

Love them or hate them, pedestrian islands are coming soon

The pedestrian islands along Paseo de Montejo are still under construction. Photo: Lee Steele Traffic features known as...

The dangerous pattern emerging on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway

Serious accidents on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway have become a common occurrence. Photo: File In the early hours...

Yucatán ranks again as Mexico’s safest state, and investors follow

Yucatán’s capital Mérida is one of Latin America’s safest cities. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Yucatán has...

US couple’s car flips on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway

Since November, long sections of the Mérida-Cancún toll highway have been closed for repairs and construction of the Tren Maya.

Excessive force by police linked to 11 deaths in 2020

Deaths in police custody on the rise in Yucatán. Photo: File Police forces across Yucatán are facing public...

Mérida house party ends with 2 beaten and killed

Photo: Diario de Yucatan Yucatán State Police are investigating a double homicide in the San Damián neighborhood, just...

Tampa Bay Rays player arrested in Merida after custody-battle fight

Tampa Bay Rays' Randy Arozarena was arrested in Yucatan, a month after celebrating a home run, above, during Game 6 of...

Periférico is 5th deadliest highway in Mexico, new study claims

Merida’s Periférico is one of the most dangerous roads in Mexico. Photo: La Jornada Maya The ring road...

Tetiz highway project to make Caucel junction safer

The Avenida 70 overpass on the Mérida-Tetiz highway, near Ciudad Caucel, will ease traffic generated by the industrial park. Photo: Courtesy

Motorcyclist dies hitting memorial for an earlier fatal crash

A man on Dzilam González-Buctzotz road died when he crashed his motorcycle into a memorial niche built on the roadside for...

Cuban kidnappers charged with torturing victims in Merida hideout

Two men promised to smuggle at least three Cuban migrants into the United States, but instead locked them in a Merida house...

3-year prison sentence for man who encouraged lockdown looting

Police charged a man with inciting riots against supermarkets. Photo: Courtesy A man who encouraged looting and burned...