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What does a return to school mean for Mexico’s COVID-19 recovery?

"it is very important that our children are able to return to school, there is no real substitute for in-person learning," said López Obrador during a press conference earlier today.

Silicon Valley tech school gets Mérida campus ready

A tech school from San Francisco is expanding its Mexico presence starting with Mérida.

COVID-19 vaccines now being offered to teachers in Yucatán

The vaccination campaign is expected to run until Friday, but authorities say that the centers will continue to operate until Saturday if needed.

AMLO: States free to decide when schools will open again

AMLO's critics say he is passing the buck by letting states decide when students are to return to class. Photo: File

In Yucatan, a decrease in coronavirus infections and deaths

A school teacher begins her first virtual class as children in Yucatan begin the new semester by avoiding the coronavirus. Photo:...

Yucatan adds coronavirus prevention measures at schools, highways and airport

Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila addresses reporters at the Merida International Airport. Photo: Courtesy With the World Health Organization...

Student chefs open a pop-up restaurant with the globe-hopping menu

The city's newest restaurant is open, but you'll have to act fast to catch it. It closes for good on May 25.

Summer vacation nears for half a million school children

More than half a million kids in public and private schools are getting ready for their well-earned summer break.

Elementary school reform includes teaching all kids English

The goal is to have all students in Mexico speaking both English and Spanish within two decades.