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Mexico passes new law banning animal testing in the cosmetics industry

Mexico has become the first country in North America to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals.

Mérida is the best place on Earth to view Wednesday’s total...

As it happens, Mérida will sit directly in the middle of a narrow band ideal for observing the natural phenomena while the moon is setting.

Mountain on Mars named after Mexican scientist months after his death

NASA named a mountain on Mars after Mexican scientist Rafael Navarro. Photo: Courtesy NASA has named a mountain...

Love cenotes? It may turn out that you have a comet...

Rendered image simulating the impact on Yucatán 66 million years ago: Photo: File The asteroid that killed off...

Yucatan scientists invent a better building block

Photo: Sipse As part of the NoBI Sureste program promoted by the Scientific Research Center of Yucatán (CICY), researcher Emmanuel...

Yucatan gets patent for new, ‘very hot’ habanero pepper

The CICY has patented a "very hot" habenero named for the devil. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — The state's...

Curious scientists plan more drilling at Chicxulub crater site

Scientists from around the world spent weeks on the Myrtle, a liftboat off the Yucatan Peninsula, in 2016. Photo: Courtesy

With new museum, Merida will be the City of Light

The Museo de la Luz will celebrate the scientific phenomena at La Plancha.

Chicxulub Crater museum months behind schedule

Too few people appreciate how the Chicxulub Crater impact changed the world, a prominent scientist says.

NASA selects, for the 2nd time, Mexican youth for international program

An up-and-coming science student in Mexico is joining both Russian and U.S. space agencies to further his career.

Chicxulub drilling to return in 2019, on both land and sea

Excited by what they found off the coast of Yucatán, scientists are returning for seconds.

Sargassum, bane of Yucatán’s beaches, could be useful on the farm

Sargassum, a nutrient-rich algae which commonly washes up on Yucatán Peninsula's beaches, may serve as an environmentally friendly fertilizer alternative.

‘House of the Desert’ in the land of the jungle

After four years of preparation, "La Casa del Desierto" is a new exhibit at the Roger Orellana Regional Botanical Garden.

Coffee’s power against mosquito invasions discovered by UDEM students

Students at the University of Monterrey (UDEM) have discovered properties in coffee that combat mosquito larvae, possibly pointing to a new weapon in the fight against dengue, zika or chikungunya.

A cryptic, methane-fueled ecosystem found beyond cenotes

Scientists have found a cryptic world in the underwater systems guarded by Yucatán's already mysterious cenotes.

Record-setting project probes the Gulf of Mexico’s deepest secrets

In the largest oceanographic research project in the history of the country, scientists from nine national institutions probed the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.