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Fearing tourist trap, Sisal residents fight new beachfront project

Locals warn that if something is not done the very existence of their community is at stake.

On the way to Sisal, Hunucmá is more than a ‘drive-through...

Hunucmá is one of those places just about everyone in Yucatán has been, even if they don’t know it. 

How Sisal’s new ‘Magical Town’ status became a burden

Residents of Sisal say they don’t want their community to be a Pueblo Magico — Magical Town — any longer.

Popular priest in Sisal angers church leaders, but parish has his...

Members of Sisal’s Catholic congregation did not take the news of their priests firing well and said that if he was forced to leave, they would do the same.

Despite COVID-19, Sisal struggles to manage all its tourists

Restaurateurs and hotel operators in Sisal say that the growth of tourism in the coastal community is rapidly outpacing capacity.  Despite the pandemic, tourism in...

Fortunate fishermen rescued off Sisal after 9 days at sea

Small fishing boats anchored in Sisal, Yucatán. Photography: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht After being adrift in the Gulf of Mexico for nine days aboard...

Expats explode after video shows a foreigner’s rage against neighbor

Video of a resident trying to burn down a neighbor's palapa has set off a social media firestorm. And for the expat community in...

Sunken Mayan slave ship found off Sisal coast

Off the Yucatan coast, archaeologists identified the remains of a ship that carried Mayan people into virtual slavery in the 19th century, the first...

Housing complex in Sisal will be eco-friendly, mayor vows

Sisal, one of Yucatan's least spoiled coastal villages, has plenty of visitors. Builders are among them.

On Yucatan coast, something worse than jellyfish

Reports of jellyfish drifting ashore on the Yucatan coast are not quite accurate, but close.

Beachfront lots on the most beautiful beach in Yucatan

Privada Sisal is located in the quiet Village of Sisal. It offers a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Yucatán coast ready for a hotel zone, business leader declares

An 85-kilometer/50-mile coastal hotel zone stretching from Sisal to Telchac Puerto was suggested Monday by the president of the Mexican Association of Hoteliers of Yucatán.

Crocodiles increasingly common in Progreso, Sisal and Celestún

Destruction of natural cienegas has pushed crocodiles into view along the Yucatecan coast.

Underwater remnants of 18th, 19th-century life found off Sisal’s coast

A local fishermen has led archaeologists to remains belonging to an 18th-century Dutch warship and a 19th-century British steamboat, as well as an old lighthouse, deep under the Gulf of Mexico.

14-year-old Yucatecan kiteboarder wins race in Sisal

Strong winds swept the beach marking spectacular day of kitesurfing in the beautiful port of Sisal on Sunday.

Kiteboard competition captivates Sisal

More than 30 competitors brought their kiteboards to Sisal from across Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Venezuela in pro and open events.

Sisal Fest promotes eco-tourism

A good way to experience the more rural and rustic side of the Gulf Coast is Sisal Fest 2015, which promotes the NEEK'ICH tourist center in Hunucmá.
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