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How to Promote a Travel Instagram Account and Get Many Followers...

Travel is a popular Instagram niche. There are lots of small and well-known influencers online who post pictures and reviews of their travel tips...

WhatsApp hacks in Yucatán reach ‘alarming rates’

Over the past few days in Yucatán, a growing number of people are reporting having their WhatsApp accounts hacked. 

5 Ways to Increase Instagram Likes and Followers 2021

Instagram has been around for several years now and is one of the most popular social media platforms today. The platform continues to grow...

Small team weeds out fake news during Mexico’s election season

A news verification outlet has partners with local papers across the country, ranging from Diario de Yucatán in Mérida to the national media behemoth Milenio, to fight "fake news."

Social media ‘influencers’ attracted to Mérida’s gastronomy, culture

The beauty of its architecture, its exquisite cuisine and the warmth of its people make the Centro Histórico an ideal setting for social media influencers.

Customer forced to pay merchant she disparaged on Facebook

For the first time in Yucatán, a customer who took a complaint to Facebook was found guilty of defamation.

Chicharra Festival trends nationally on Twitter

The city's first-ever Chicharra Festival trended nationally on Twitter, ranking among the top 10 most cited words on the platform.
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