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Renewable energy is under siege in Mexico, say experts

The decision to refuse the appeal of 10 large-scale renewable energy projects across Mexico has left environmentalists and investors aghast.

Bulldog Solar: Green energy in sunny Yucatán is only natural

Erich Briehl considers all the miles of miles of empty, flat roofs baking under Yucatán’s constant sunshine.  These rooftops in Yucatán — where over 300...

Can solar panels help save Yucatán’s ‘tienditas’?

The Yucatán small-business chamber of commerce is offering independent shop owners the opportunity to purchase solar panels through a new program.

Big business in Mexico moves toward ditching dirty CFE power

Many of Mexico's biggest companies including Bimbo and Telcel say that they have begun to move away from the CFE in favor of greener...

Tren Maya will use solar power under new green-energy approach

Aiming to use solar power for the so-called Mayan Train, Mexico is crafting a plan to promote state-backed green-energy generation. Rogelio Jimenez Pons, director-general of...

Everything is sunnier at a children’s shelter thanks to Bulldog Solar

A children's shelter at Chuburná de Hidalgo can worry less about the electric bill after a donation by Bulldog Solar. Fundación Emanuel de Mérida A.C....

Clean energy in Mexico on hold in favor of old-school power...

Mexico is far off track from its laws setting targets of 30% renewable energy generation by 2021, and 35% by 2024. The actions of...

After months of resistance, Yucatan wind park moves ahead

A US$130 million wind park on the Yucatan coast will begin testing this week despite a policy from Mexico’s grid operator that would have...

Indigenous groups halt solar projects, but contractors persist

Indigenous residents of Cuncunul and Valladolid sued and won when they acted to prevent solar-energy farms from being built. But JinkoSolar Investment Pte. Ltd., the...

High power bills force towns in Yucatan to give solar energy...

Faced with huge electric bills, municipalities across Yucatan are going solar. The savings have been immediate.

Corner stores, endangered by CFE bills, to get solar panels

Merida, Yucatan — Dozens of little corner shops are on the verge of bankruptcy due to high electricity prices, said the local president of...

Solar panels are hot in Merida

Clean energy consumption is advancing by leaps and bounds in Mexico. For residential solar panels alone, Merida and Mexico City leading a 350 percent growth...

Solar farm powers 30,000 homes in Yucatan

Progreso, Yucatan — A new solar farm in San Ignacio will deliver green energy to 30,000 homes in Progreso and Merida, its supporters said...

Tariff on solar panels removed by federal court

A federal court has ruled that the 15 percent tariff on solar panel imports must be removed.

Death threats alleged by opponents of Muna solar energy park

Members of the indigenous community in San José Tipceh say they are being threatened with death and violence by proponents of a giant solar-energy operation.

Villagers delay construction of solar park in Ticul

Upset about deforestation of their lands, residents have managed to force state officials to delay a huge solar-energy park.

In a few years, solar panels rise quickly in popularity

Just three years ago it was fairly rare to find residential houses or businesses with solar panels, but today over 1,000 residences in Mérida have employed this rooftop technology.

Solar panels earn homeowners tax relief

Solar panels and green roofs have earned 235 homeowners property tax relief between 23 and 35 percent this year.

Botanas La Lupita factory: Totally solar

Snack factory La Lupita is generating 100 percent of its electricity from its own solar power plant, the largest of its kind in southeast Mexico.
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