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How and where to safely observe Yucatán’s upcoming solar eclipse

Special events to observe the eclipse have been planned for just about every city and major town on the peninsula. 

Join us Friday, Oct. 6 to experience Chichén Viejo

For now, Chichén Viejo is still tranquil and free of hoards of tourists and vendors. 

Mérida’s Centro to host early Carnaval celebrations this weekend

Mérida’s neighborhoods of La Ermita and Sebastian are preparing to put on a pre-Carnaval gala this coming Saturday.

How to celebrate Independence Day like a Mexican

Mexican Independence Day, or Día de la Independencia, is celebrated on Sept. 16 every year to commemorate independence from Spain in 1810.

Everything you need to know about Yucatán’s upcoming solar eclipse

On Saturday, Oct. 14, after almost 30 years, a solar eclipse will be visible from the Yucatán Peninsula.  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon...

Yucatán’s Tunich Artisan Fair pulls out all the stops

During the Tunich Artisan Fair Dzityá becomes Yucatán’s craft capital.

Mexican teams compete for a chance at Pok ta Pok World...

A handful of teams from around the Yucatán Peninsula will compete this weekend to qualify for the 2023 Pok ta Pok World Cup. The matches...

Progreso’s Carnaval is giving Merida’s a run for its money

With more cities and towns throwing their own festivities, Mérida's Carnaval in Xmatkuil is no longer the undisputed champion.

Festival de las Animas: Everything you need to know

With Dia de Los Muertos — or Hanal Pixán, as it is known in Yucatán — just a couple of weeks away. Mérida’s City Hall...

Mexican Navy to allow visitors in Progreso to board the Cuauhtémoc

The Mexican Navy will soon be docking the ARM Cuauhtémoc in Progreso and opening its decks to visitors.  The Cuauhtémoc is a sailing training vessel...

Mérida Fest to go forward despite COVID-19 surge

The Ayuntamiento has confirmed that in-person events scheduled for Mérida Fest 2022 will continue as planned.

Concert to celebrate the life of Armando Manzanero

On Dec. 28 Mérida's Palacio de la Musica will hold a special tribute to Yucatán's most beloved singer-songwriter on the first anniversary of his passing. 

Yucatán at Home hosts its first gathering in style at Casa...

Yucatán at Home's first issue came out over the summer when throwing parties just wasn't allowed.

Runners in Mérida take to the streets for December’s traditional Turkey...

The 21-kilometer race called “La Carrera del Pavo” — or Turkey Run, began at 6 Sunday morning from El Parque de Las Américas in García Ginerés, but the party-like atmosphere was already raging by 5.  

Mérida’s Christmas caravans a big hit with children of all ages

To help contain the spread of COVID-19, Mérida has opted to limit the number of Christmas events it is hosting this year for the...

Cepredey brings free music, theater, and graffiti this weekend to Mérida

Locally organized rock, rap, and hip-hop concerts, as well as talks, plays, sports demonstrations, forums, and graffiti will be offered free of charge this Friday and Saturday. 

The Rally Maya makes its comeback to the Yucatán Peninsula

During this friendly automotive competition, classic car enthusiasts from all over the world take part in an eight-day tour of the peninsula.

After 50 years, sister cities Erie and Mérida maintain a bond

After establishing a sister-city connection in 1971, that bond continues between the Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pa., and the Archdiocese of the Yucatán.

Cinco de Mayo — That’s Mexican Independence Day, right?

In much of the world, there exists a misconception that May 5th is some sort of huge holiday in Mexico.

World Series brings top divers to Kukulcan

The newly expanded Kukulcan Sports Complex will host the sixth and final leg of the 2015 FINA Diving World Series from Friday to Sunday.

Millions spent on Mother’s Day gifts

Good Mother's Day sales were reported by the Chamber of Commerce with businesses estimating a combined 1.5 million pesos in retail transactions throughout Yucatán state.

Singing in the streets as 3-week festival begins

Mérida Fest 2015 kicked off with the traditional Alborada as troubadours took to the streets to signify the beginning of the citywide celebration.

24 days of Mérida Fest: Complete guide

An inaugural concert by Armando Manzanero and Francisco Céspedes will kick off Mérida Fest’s 165 free artistic, academic and entertainment events, says the director of Culture Department, Irving Berlin Villafaña.

From bazaar to block party in Chelem

The monthly Gypsy Market is joining a Garden Center Christmas bash/wedding anniversary to form a big block party on the highway between Chelem and Chuburná.
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