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Salvador Alvarado’s Cathedral of Sports looks good for 83

Mérida’s Salvador Alvarado sports complex is known affectionately to locals as “the cathedral of sports.”

6 alternative sites Yucatán ‘sustainable stadium’ are a state secret

Yucatán’s ‘sustainable stadium’ project is moving to a yet-to-be-announced location after months of protest by people living in Mérida’s north. 

US$200M up for grabs at Riviera Maya PGA tournament

Among the favorites to come out on top is 25-year olf Raúl Pereda who earlier this year made an extremely strong showing during the Jalisco Open.

Lucha Libre expo promises to not pull any punches

This Saturday a Lucha Libre expo will kick off in Plaza Patio, east of Centro, at 4 p.m.

Two of Mexico’s most famous female soccer players tie the knot

Pro-soccer stars Bianca Sierra and Stephany Mayor announced over social media that they have married. 

Broncos cheerleaders play a friendly softball game against the Amazonas of...

Yaxunah’s Amazonas softball team received a visit from a group of Denver Bronco’s cheerleaders with whom they shared a friendly game of softball. 

Bacalar to host new open-water pro swimming competition

Bacalar is preparing to receive athletes from across the country for an open-water swimming championship.

Kiteboarding takes Yucatán’s coast by storm

With 378 kilometers of coastline stretching from Celestún to El Cuyo, there is more than room enough for everyone to do their own thing.

Simone Biles takes a training break on Yucatán’s beaches

Multiple Olympic medalist Simone Biles has been spotted on the Yucatán Peninsula vacationing with friends. 

Yucatán authorities say it’s about time to regulate lasso tournaments

A call to action from congress comes after a teenage vaquero lost his life during a tournament earlier this week in Kanasín. 

The NFL reaches out to Yucatán for partnership

NFL Mexico Director Olivé Hawley met with Yucatán Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal in Mexico City to discuss potential partnerships to bring more “American football” to the state.

10 arrested in Valladolid after illegal cockfights are busted up

Ten people, including at least one minor, were arrested in Valladolid for their involvement in organizing illegal cockfights. 

Mérida hosts 2022 marathon despite COVID-19 fears

Mérida hosted its official marathon Sunday as part of celebrations to commemorate the 480th anniversary of the city’s foundation. 

Runners in Mérida take to the streets for December’s traditional Turkey...

The 21-kilometer race called “La Carrera del Pavo” — or Turkey Run, began at 6 Sunday morning from El Parque de Las Américas in García Ginerés, but the party-like atmosphere was already raging by 5.  

After kicking off the ‘Mayan ball game’ World Cup in Mérida,...

Mérida has kicked off an international Pok ta Pok tournament, also known as the "Mayan ball game" World Cup. 

‘Mayan ball game’ returns a new to Mérida’s Plaza Grande

Reenactments of the Mayan Pok Ta Pok ceremony returned Wednesday to Mérida’s Plaza Grande.

The German Forrest Gump makes his way to Yucatán

The man dubbed the German Forrest Gump ran his way into Mérida yesterday.

Tensions flare over plans for Mérida’s new stadium

Promotion of Housing Industry, says Mérida’s new multi-purpose stadium will increase property values in the city’s north. 

Bars, cantinas, and sports centers to re-open in Yucatán

As Yucatán begins to lift more COVID-19 restrictions, life seems to slowly be returning to normal. This week saw the reopening of several of Mérida's...

Not everyone is excited about Mérida’s new stadium

Mérida's new stadium is set to be built in the north of the city in the Cordemex neighborhood, but not everyone is excited.

Yucatán unveils details of its striking new sports stadium

Plans have been unveiled for the construction of a new sports arena in Mérida’s north with a maximum capacity of 32,000 spectators. 

Church of Maradona opens its doors in Cholula Mexico

The Church of Maradona, or Iglesia Maradoniana, is a religion, created by fans of the late Argentine football player Diego Maradona, whom they believe to be the best player of all time.

Leones fans hope to return to the park for the 2021...

The Leones de Yucatán are getting ready to return to play in late April, but it is still unknown if any fans will be...

Mexican wrestlers refuse to yield to their greatest foe, COVID-19

Given the pandemic and the cancelation of their matches, professional wrestlers have had to find other sources of income. Some have gone into food sales...