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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Wind and rain batter Yucatán, and baby it’s cold outside

Cold Front No. 10 has flooded streets and caused minor damage around the Yucatan Peninsula today.

Invest 95L to brush by the Yucatán Peninsula while Isaac weakens

Invest 95L, a tropical weather system, has been hanging around the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancun, but is more of a worry for other regions.

Trees fall, power goes out in heavy rain

Wind gusts Monday afternoon, reaching 83 kph/52 mph, toppled at least 85 trees, a billboard and three telephone poles.

Afternoon squall whips up the region

Winds of up to 74 kilometers/45 miles per hour and heavy rains swept through the region, toppling both trees and billboards and knocking out power in some areas.

Strongest rains so far this year rattle city

Heavy rains and high winds on Saturday caused an abandoned mansion to collapse, and disrupted the lives of thousands across the Centro.