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Proposal would ban animal euthanasia and force owners to sterilize pets

Animal rights organizations in Yucatán are seeking a ban on the practice of animal euthanasia.

329 lucky street dogs rescued and relocated safely to Canada

Last week's trip to Canada was a very special one because the vet who takes care of all the canine strays escorted six lucky...

Being a good neighbor to Yucatán’s roof cats and street dogs

Cats replaced people as my friends soon after quarantine 2020 began.  Watching the street took on a new fascination after lockdown. The utility roof was...

What my rescue dogs taught me

I thought I knew a lot about dogs until I took in two rescues. I was wrong. Rescuing a dog off the street, one...

Chichén Itzá stray dogs to be cleared out

State authorities have announced that they have kicked off an effort to clear stray dogs from Chichén Itzá.

Frustrated animal rights activists blockade Mérida shelter

The protestors set up camp outside of the facility and took to laying on mats and pieces of cardboard to demonstrate their commitment to settling the issue without violence.

Progreso’s international community comes together to fund new animal hospital

International residents in Progreso are coming to the aid of the port city's stray animals.

New sterilization campaign in Progreso cracks down on stray animals

The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

Yucatán hopes to administer 270,000 doses of rabies vaccine in new...

This week marks the beginning of Yucatán's rabies vaccination program for cats and dogs

Mixed-breed dogs much less likely to be adopted

A Facebook user in Motul decided to run an experiment to see if people were interested in adopting dogs in the community.  Cristian González Can...

Shedding weight and helping animal shelters in one fell swoop

A Mexican politician has launched a “reto peek” campaign to combine animal welfare and the human desire to lose weight. The challenge gets its name...
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