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Mérida signs with tech giants to be Latin America’s 1st ‘Smart...

Two tech companies are donating 8.4 million pesos and a good chunk of their human capital toward a "Smart Mérida" pilot program. 

Centro sidewalk project nearly completed

The Centro's notoriously difficult sidewalks are getting better and better, block by block.

Residents slow to report potholes, despite web page, hotline and app

It's not easy for the city to keep up with potholes, which appear even more frequently in rainy weather.

Chamber calls for end to law limiting liquor stores

Laws mandating a 200-meter distance between liquor stores are being challenged by the local Chamber of Commerce.

City warns homeowners who build out, block sidewalk

City officials are threatening to remove protrusions built by homeowners encroaching onto already narrow sidewalks.

Insurer lists Mérida’s 3 most dangerous intersections

The city has plenty of dicey intersections, but three of them have been named the most dangerous of them all.

Pedestrian streets in the Centro? Merchants reportedly unconvinced

Although successful in neighboring states, the idea of turning some downtown Mérida streets into pedestrian malls is meeting stiff opposition.

Streets narrowed, traffic slowed around the convention center

Drivers won't zip past the new convention center the way they may have become accustomed.

Pedestrians a priority for new Altabrisa traffic lights

New, modern traffic lights are coming to areas that need them most, said Gerardo Ojeda Sosa, head of Transit Engineering at the state's Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

Safety advocate dusts off his proposal to create pedestrian streets

Converting a street to a pedestrian mall is an idea worth considering, a safety advocate says.

Street pavers unearth Mayan artifacts under busy street corner

Street paving was halted when city workers found what appear to be archaeological remains in the Centro.

Is there room for trees along the Centro’s streets?

A campaign to bring more green to the city has been ongoing for years, but do trees belong on the narrow sidewalks of the Centro?

Streets are peaceful for Good Friday

While the faithful observed Good Friday, the streets were noticeably quieter.

The Centro Histórico cleanup, by the numbers

Wonder how much gum a crew of city workers can scrape up in a month downtown? Now you know.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Mérida

The city has unpacked and touched up its cache of wintry pines, snowmen, Santa Claus figures, sleds and nativity scenes. You know what that means.

6,000 marchers on Sunday for Revolution Day

Mexico’s Día de la Revolución, or Revolution Day, will bring over 6,000 people — from school children to members of the military — to the streets on Sunday.

For Historic Center, new lights and fresh paint

The city will replace 430 street lights in the Historic Center as the 21st annual facade-rescue program begins.

Centro road projects to pause for holiday shoppers

About 10 kilometers of Mérida's Centro Histórico roadways are being resurfaced with hydraulic concrete as part of a 11.6-million-peso project.

Mall: City built it, but shoppers won’t come

An elaborate effort to bring street vendors indoors has proven to be a flop, but politicians have asked the current administration not to give up on it.

Sidewalk replacement project winding down

17,472 square meters of new sidewalk will have been installed by the time workers wrap up on Saturday. Crumbling sidewalks have been an ongoing issue here.

Brighter lighting for Paseo de Montejo, parks

Under the glow of new LED lights, the Paseo de Montejo and a handful of city parks shine a little brighter at night.

Coloring book is a walk on Mexico’s gentle side

The pair behind the travel blog Wandertooth have published an adult coloring book depicting the vibrant streets and landscapes of Mexico, Mérida included.

Critics rip Mérida’s 5 ugliest monuments

Our historic center is filled with glorious architecture and monuments. But modern Mérida doesn't always get it right when installing public artwork, according to a local website.

Mayor tours mall built for street vendors

Officials has been trying to peacefully lure the Mérida historic district's street vendors indoors. Here is a look at the marketplace under construction.
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