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RFC update: Deadline to get tax ID in Mexico extended 6...

Mexico's tax officials have extended their previous July 1 deadline for acquiring an RFC. SAT is now giving residents in Mexico until Jan. 1,...

Expats in Mexico face impossible deadline to comply with new tax...

A tax reform intended to snare money launderers has foreign residents scrambling to get a tax ID number. But tax offices are overwhelmed, and...

New ‘green tax’ considered for Yucatán in 2022

Yucatán's Congress is considering the ratification of a new environmental tax.  The proposal plans to impose a tax of approximately 270 pesos per ton of...

New taxes are on the way for Yucatán in 2022

Yucatán's Congress on Thursday approved a new fiscal budget for the coming year of over 42.5 million pesos. The amount will be collected through a...

Property taxes in Mérida to increase in 2022

Property taxes across Mérida are about to see a considerable increase. 

New ‘party tax’ sparks anger in Yucatán

One venue administrator who preferred to remain anonymous described the new tax as "an unjust slap in the face to businesses already on the brink of going under."

Mexico expands pensions and plans to double benefits by 2024

A few days after the start of the electoral process, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Mexico's universal pension for the elderly will...

Merida discounts taxes on new properties, funds arts programs

Merida, Yucatan — City Council on Thursday approved a proposal by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha to issue a 50 percent discount on the Property Acquisition...

Extra tax pays for security cameras in Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan — On the last day of 2019, the state government established a security tax for all property owners in Yucatan. The new...

Opinion: IRS automatically treats expats like tax cheats

The U.S. is one of only two countries in the world (the other is Eritrea) that taxes its citizens regardless of where they live. That...

Higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sodas on the horizon in...

Mexico City — The reigning Morena party is spiking the 2020 fiscal package with a sin tax. Higher taxes on alcohol, tobacco and soda are on...

Didi irks ride-share rivals, bucks Mexico’s tax plan

Mexico's government on Monday detailed plans to collect estimated taxes from ride-share companies, but China’s Didi said it would not take part in the arrangement.

Mexico about to announce tax deal with tech platforms

Mexico, which has one of the lousiest tax-collection rates around, is rolling out a deal with tech platforms. Deputy Finance Minister Arturo Herrera did...

Merida offers numerous incentives to timely taxpayers

Discounts and insurance go to property owners who pay early.

More pressure on Airbnb property owners to pay hotel-level taxes

After persuading the state government to assess Airbnb properties a 3 percent lodging tax, the president of the local hotel association wants more.

Taqueria shutdown is a reminder to other businesses about tax compliance

If you're running a business in Yucatán, you can't refuse to facturas to your customers who qualify for them.

Tax on Airbnb rentals likely to start on Jan. 1

Regulating the growth of online rental platforms while also appeasing irate hoteliers, the state plans to begin a 3 percent tax on homeowners using the technology beginning Jan. 1. 

Belize airline drops trips here after taxes slow demand

Tropic Air suspended flights to Mérida and other cities after a tax hike made the trips substantially more expensive.

Tourism officials want a piece of Airbnb revenues

Just as the government is attempting to come to grips with Uber, the ministry of tourism is now taking a new look at app-based rentals such as Airbnb's.

U.S. expats face changes in filing rules

Expats from the U.S., who have financial accounts outside the U.S., face legal changes to reporting laws, including a new filing date.

Coke sales go down, Coke tree goes up

Efforts to discourage sugary drinks in Mexico have had some success, but Coke still means Christmas at Plaza Sendero.

Huge fines loom under new tax rules

Businesses that don't comply with new monthly electronic-filing rules face huge fines thanks to part of the 2014 Mexican tax reform.
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